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Diversity in Geography

Decolonising Geography

Cambridge Geography recognises that colonial structures and power relations remain embedded in University institutions, and that these structures silence and marginalise groups which historically have not been fully validated and included in teaching, learning and research. The department is seeking to change these relations of power and how knowledge is produced and shared.

We have a very active Decolonising Cambridge Geography Working Group comprising staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students. During the year there are seminars and panel discussions, many involving geographers from outside Cambridge.

I am very proud to be part of a Department that is actively decolonising. Though challenging complex and incomplete, even over my 3 years at Cambridge I have seen several positive steps towards addressing Cambridge Geography’s history and decolonising our curriculum and practices. Taking the Part 2 ‘Geographies of Postcolonialism and Decoloniality’ has been especially enlightening, and I hope the Department continues in the right direction. Riva, 3rd year student

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We have an active EDI committee comprising academic, research and support staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students. We work together to create a welcoming environment where we can celebrate differences and support each other.

Support for students

The Department welcomes applicants from prospective students of all backgrounds and actively works to promote these through its Widening Participation programme. For more than 15 years we have worked with the Sutton Trust to organise a summer programme for school students in Year 12/13.

Scholarship for black and mixed black heritage undergraduate students

Admissions statistics indicate that black and mixed black heritage students are significantly under-represented in undergraduate geography programmes across the UK, and at Cambridge.

The Department is working proactively to address historic under-representation in the discipline. As part of our commitment to support inclusion, diversity and decolonisation in Geography, the Department has launched a programme of support and financial assistance for black British students intending to read for the Cambridge Geographical Tripos. We are are able to award one Geography scholarship of £10,000 per annum, tenable for three years while the student pursues their Geography degree at Cambridge. This award can be spent on fees or maintenance. Details of how to apply are sent to all students to whom an offer is made after interview.

In addition, there are Stormzy scholarships offered to black students studying for any undergraduate subject in Cambridge.

The Black Advisory Hub

The University Black Advisory Hub has been established to help build a diverse and inclusive community for all students and staff members at the University of Cambridge as part of the institutional action to improve Black students’ outcomes at Cambridge. It offers advice to both current and prospective students

Students with disabilities

The Department works to support all students with disabilities. Most students with disabilities work with the University’s Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre and we follow their guidance to make necessary adjustments to teaching, learning and examining.