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Department of Geography


Vital Geographies: Seminars and public lectures

Vital Geographies: Seminars and public lectures

Seminars and public lectures within the Vital Geographies research group of the Department of Geography.

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# Tuesday 24th May 2022, 4.30pm - Alison Bashford, UNSW Sydney
Please email if you would like to attend this talk in person; owing to Covid safeguards, attendance is restricted in numbers.
Gondwanaland: The Modern History of an Ancient Continent
Venue: Seminar Room, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, and online (Zoom): Meeting ID: 913 3331 0365 Passcode: 213494QT09 Meeting ID: 988 1738 7914 Passcode: 640898

From the Gondwana/Land project (

What does it mean to write the modern history of an ancient megacontinent? Earth scientists know a great deal about the geological history of Gondwanaland and its breakup that began 180 million years ago, eventually creating present day Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Asia and Antarctica. The Gondwana/Land Project, generously funded by the Australian Research Council and the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council brings together historians from today’s southern lands to address Gondwanaland’s national and continental fragments within modern environmental, cultural, political, colonial, and postcolonial histories.