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Lent 2021 Term Card


The Vital Geographies research group announces our Lent 2021 Term Card!


First part of term card poster with titles of events and red and gold background; images of a moth and bird.


At a glance:

  • Political Entomologies: Insects/Translations/Biopolitics
    • Seminar Series Launch Discussion (Tuesday 26 January, 4 PM GMT)
  • More-than Human Collaborations
    • Student-Led Workshops (Wednesdays 10 & 17 February, 1.30-4.30 PM)
  • Vital Geographies: Tracks, Traces, & Threads
    • Postgraduate Student Lightning Talks Workshop (Thursday 18 February, 4-5.30 PM)
  • Digital Ecologies
    • An Interdisciplinary Workshop (Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 march, 9.15 AM – 7.15 PM)
  • Winged Geographies: Birds in Space and Imagination
    • Annual Workshop, Thursday 22 & Friday 23 April)


All are welcome at these virtual workshops. For further details, please see below, or contact Philip Howell ( or David Nally (


Further Details:

The POLITICAL ENTOMOLOGIES seminar series is a collaboration between the ERC Urban Ecologies project and Freie Universität Berlin. Exploring the significance of insects in biopolitics and political ecology, the launch discussion introduces five virtual seminars in February and March. Please contact Diane Borden ( for further details. Further information available at: ; registration available at:


MORE THAN HUMAN COLLABORATIONS IN GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH is a student-led workshop organised by the Department of Geography with The Lives of Animals Research Group, Queen’s university, Canada. The two workshops explore modes and Motives for collaboration, and the ethics of imagining collaborative futures. Registration details will follow, but please contact Jonathon Turnbull ( for advance information.


VITAL GEOGRAPHIES: TRACKS, TRACES, & THREADS offers an informal forum for postgraduate students to present brief accounts of their work and interests. By embracing the dual meaning of ‘vital’ geographies, we will explore the varied ‘tracks’, ‘traces’, and ‘threads’ that shape the ‘vital’ geographies within our collective research. Postgraduate students in the department interested in presenting on work related to this broad topic should contact Anna Guasco ( or Diane Borden ( by 30 January. Please also contact Anna or Diane for the Zoom link to attend.


DIGITAL ECOLOGIES draws together Research seeking to understand the ways in which nonhumans and the other-than-human world is increasingly encountered, mediated, and governed digitally. The two keynote speakers are Professor Jennifer Gabrys (29 March) and Professor Etienne Benson (30 March). The Full programme will be released in early February, but for advance information contact Jonathon Turnbull (, Adam Searle (, and Henry Anderson-Elliott (


WINGED GEOGRAPHIES is a two-day virtual workshop which addresses the question of our evolving spatial relationships with bird life. For full details, and To register your attendance, please visit, and Contact Olga Petri ( or Michael Guida (

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