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Department of Geography


Knowledge, Politics and Environmental Governance Reading Group

This group is no longer running.

The Knowledge, Politics and Environmental Governance Reading Group meets four times per term to examine the relations of knowledge and policy in the realm of environmental governance. Meetings typically centre around a particular paper or book chapter relating to these broad themes, and are guaranteed to stimulate an intriguing debate.

If you are interested in joining the group, would like further information regarding its activities, or have a suggestion for something it might like to discuss, please contact James Palmer.

This term, the group will be addressing the theme of environmental justice, and will meet on the following occasions.

Lent Term 2012

Wednesday 1st February, 1200-1400, CRASSH

To get the term off to a flying start, the group will be attending Dr. Sonja Klinsky’s upcoming talk at CRASSH, entitled “Senses of Justice in Climate Policy: Representation and Policy-making in Cap and Trade Systems.”

For more information, and to register to attend, please visit the following link.

Wednesday 15th February, 1300-1400

For its second meeting, the group returns to its usual venue of HB101 to discuss Maureen Reed and Colleen George’s 2011 paper from Progress in Human Geography – “Where in the world is environmental justice?”

Wednesday 22nd February, 1300-1400

The group’s third meeting will involve a discussion of Gordon Walker’s 2010 paper from Environmental Impact Assessment Reviews – “Environmental justice, impact assessment and the politics of knowledge: The implications of assessing the social distribution of environmental outcomes.”

Wednesday 7th March, 1300-1400

Finally, in its last meeting of the term, the group will examine Anna Davies’ 2006 paper from Geoforum – “Environmental justice as subtext or omission: Examining discourses of anti-incineration campaigning in Ireland.”

Previous activities

The Knowledge, Politics and Environmental Governance Reading Group represents a continuation of the Travelling Knowledges Reading Group, which ran in the department for three and a half years until the end of 2011. A comprehensive bibliography detailing every academic journal article and book chapter discussed by that group is available here.

Other useful information

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