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Department of Geography


Intra-departmental human geography discussion group

This group is no longer running. Please see the Humanitarianism reading group.

This group will meet a couple of times a term to examine and discuss some of the latest developments in human geography, which may concern theoretical, empirical and/or methodological approaches. The intention is to keep the discussions wide-ranging and to engage with themes in a way that can speak across different research interests in human geography. We hope that graduate students as well as staff may be interested. For information or to make suggestions please contact the coordinators. All are welcome.


  • David Beckingham
  • Fiona McConnell
  • Philippa Williams

Lent Term 2011

Wednesday 7th March

12.30-13.45pm in the Seminar Room.

Ahead of Patricia Daley’s seminar (at 4.15pm) we would like to use the riots and the occupy movement to discuss assembly and the politics of urban space.

There is a lot of material emerging on these themes, but we would suggest the following:

  • Bruno Latour, ‘From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik or how to make things public’, in B. Latour and P. Weibel (eds.) (2005) Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy (MIT Press) 14-41.
  • Erik Swyngedouw, ‘Interrogating post-democratization: Reclaiming egalitarian political spaces’, Political Geography, 30(7), 370-380,

Michaelmas Term 2011

Thursday 27th October

12.30-2pm in the Hardy Building, room 101.

  • McFarlane, C. 2011. Assemblage and critical urbanism, City, 15 (2), pp. 204-224
  • Brenner, N., Madden, D. J. and Wachsmuth, D. 2011. Assemblage urbanism and the challenges of critical urban theory. City, 15 (2), pp. 225-240
  • Swanton, D., 2011. Assemblage and critical urban praxis: Part two. Introduction. City 15 (3-4), pp. 343-346
  • Dovey, K. 2011. Uprooting critical urbanism. City, 15 (3-4), pp. 347-354
  • Simone, AM., 2011. The surfacing of urban life: A response to Colin McFarlane and Neil Brenner, David Madden and David
  • Wachsmuth, City, 15 (3-4), pp. 355-364
  • Farias, I. 2011. The politics of urban assemblages, City, 15 (3-4), pp. 365-374.
  • McFarlane, C., 2011. On Context: Assemblage, political economy and structure. City, 15 (3-4), pp. 375-388

Thursday 13th October “Assemblage and geography”

Readings: Articles published in a special section on “Assemblage and geography”, edited by Ben Anderson and Colin Macfarlane in Area June 2011.

For the collection of readings visit:
(The articles are rather short, please feel free to read all or some of these).

Date: Thursday 13th October, 2011
Time: 12.30 – 2.00pm
Location: Hardy Building. Room 101.

*We also plan to use this first meeting to open up discussion for future themes and directions.

Thursday November 17th “Intellectual zones and boundary crossings within geography”

  • James, A. and Vira, B. (2011) Researching hybrid ‘economic’/’development’ geographies in practice: Methodological reflections from a collaborative project on India’s new service economy. Progress in Human Geography
  • Barnes, T.J. and Sheppard E (2010) ‘Nothing includes everything’: Towards engaged pluralism in Anglophone economic geography. Progress in Human Geography 34(2): 193-214.
  • Pollard, J., McEwan C, Laurie N, and Stenning A (2009) Economic geography under postcolonial scrutiny. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 34: 137-142.

Thursday 17th November
12.30 – 2pm
Hardy Building, Room 101