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Flooding and Environmental Challenges for Venice and its Lagoon: State of Knowledge 2003

Cambridge University and Churchill College, Cambridge in association with the Venice based Consortium for co-ordination of research concerning the Venice Lagoon System (Corila) are undertaking a research project focussing on the flooding and environmental challenges for Venice and its Lagoon. The project is an initiative by the Venice in Peril Fund (the British Committee for the preservation of Venice).

The mission is to promote the objective study and review of information concerning key aspects of the flooding and environmental issues relevant to Venice, in an international dimension.

As part of the research project a series of workshops were held in September 2002 and a four-day International Discussion Meeting was held at Churchill College, Cambridge in September 2003. The meeting used Venice as a case study where state-of-the-art knowledge was discussed and compared with examples from other lagoon/estuarine systems from around the world. Venice and its Lagoon are unique and can act in the scientific and engineering world as an excellent case study for technical and sustainable development issues and for bringing together experts from around the world to share experience and expertise. Several challenges Venice faces are common to other locations around the world.

The next phase of the Project is to collate the scientific contributions to the Discussion Meeting in a book to be published by Cambridge University Press and to produce and distribute a general booklet for a wider audience ranging from European policy makers to the local population.

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