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Department of Geography



River Slice: Channel Hydraulic Geometry

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This facility allows you interactively to calculate the basic hydraulic geometry properties of a river cross section.

Name: * A name for your cross-section.
Units: *

The units in which the data being entered is measured.
Data: * Copy and paste in your cross section geometry data, formatted as:
  • One x,y co-ordinate pair per line
  • Space(s)/tab(s) between the x and y on the line
  • Numeric characters only: alphabetical characters will be removed
  • Data beyond the first two columns will be removed
Calculate: *

Select which you wish to calculate.
Stage(s) or area: * Enter either the stage(s) or the area, one per line, using the same units as above.
Overbank analysis (optional): If you wish to produce results detailing the proportion of flow components in overbank areas, enter the elevation at which spillage from the main channel onto overbank areas is initiated. (This can occur from either side of the channel.)

* Items marked with an asterisk [*] are required fields and must be fully completed.