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Department of Geography


How regions react to recessions: resilience, recovery, and long-run impacts

The aim of the project is to determine how the regions and sub regions of the UK have differed in their response to and recovery from successive major economic recessions, and the extent to which these differences in response and recovery have affected long-run regional and sub-regional growth paths, and hence regional economic disparities. Ideas from evolutionary theory and evolutionary economics, including the notions of resilience and adaptation, will inform the work. The project is expected to produce new, original empirical findings and make a contribution to an evolutionary perspective on the economic landscape. It is also hoped that the project will contribute to the development of spatial policy particularly against the background of the changes in regional and local economic policy in England.

The project has four principal investigators: Professor Ron Martin (Geography, Cambridge), Professor Peter Tyler (Land Economy, Cambridge), Professor Hashem Pesaran (Economics, Cambridge), and Professor Peter Sunley (Geography, Southampton).

The research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council Grant number ES/1035811/1.

This is one of the current funded projects of the Centre for Geographical Economic Research.