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Publications and publication plans

Publications and publication plans

Publications in print or in press

  • Shaw-Taylor, L., ‘Diverse experiences: The geography of adult female employment and the 1851 census’, in Goose, N., (ed.) Women’s work in Industrial England: Regional and local perspectives (2007).
  • Wrigley, E.A., ‘Rickman revisited: the population growth rates of English counties in the early modern period’, Economic History Review, 62 (2009), pp. 711-35.
  • Wrigley, E.A., The early English censuses, The British Academy, Records of Economic and Social History (in press).
  • Wrigley, E.A., ‘Coping with rapid population growth: how England fared in the century preceding the Great Exhibition of 1851’, in D. Feldman and J. Lawrence, eds, Structures and transformations in modern British history: essays for Gareth Stedman-Jones (Cambridge, in press)

Publications in progress

  • Saito, O and Shaw-Taylor, L., (eds.) Occupational structure and industrialization in a comparative perspective.

Publication plans

During the course of 2010 we plan to submit a number of journal articles outlining the preliminary findings of the project. These will, in part, derive from the papers and conference presentations available online.

In the longer-term this will be followed up by further papers and a monograph on the changing occupational structure and population geography of nineteenth century Britain and an accompanying historical atlas.

We have begun putting PowerPoint slides of maps produced by the project online with the intention that these could be used by school teachers and university lecturers for teaching purposes. We also hope to produce an interactive GIS atlas for use in schools. The intention is that this could be used for teaching both history and geography but that students would also acquire quantitative analytical and IT skills while using the resource.

The scope for both a paper atlas and for an interactive GIS resource should be evident from the maps available elsewhere on this website.