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People working on the project

People working on the project

The following people work on the project:

Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor

Leigh Shaw-Taylor is the principal investigator and has overall responsibility for managing the project.

Professor E.A. Wrigley

Professor E.A. Wrigley is the co-investigator. He has undertaken all the work on local population data and played a key role in spatially linking these data to the parish and place GIS. He also devised the PST system of occupational coding with contributions from Ms R.S. Davies.

Ms R.S. Davies

Ms R.S. Davies has contributed to the development of Professor Wrigley’s PST system and has coded all the occupational data generated by the project to PST.

Dr Leslie Glassmith

Dr Leslie Glassmith is the administrator of the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure. She has assisted with the production of maps for the project using the GIS datasets created by Dr Satchell.

Dr P. Kitson

Dr Peter Kitson both designed and managed the data collection process for the 1813-20 dataset. He also designed and maintained the complex data architecture and data processing required to transform the raw data into a usable resource. In addition, he designed and helped create the codebook of Anglican registration units that was essential for the data collection process. Finally, he also played a key role in the spatial matching of the 1813-20 and 1881 occupational datasets and the 1801-1891 parish population datasets to the parish and place GIS, a process essential to making proper use of these datasets.

Ms G. Newton

Ms Gill Newton has managed the census data inputting on the project and has created and documented the numerous occupational and population databases from the raw materials provided by other members of the project. She created the software infrastructure for the spatial matching of the 1813-20 and 1881 occupational datasets and the 1801-1891 parish population datasets to the parish and place GIS and undertook considerable auto-matching. Together with Dr Satchell, she managed the research assistants who undertook the rest of the various spatial matching exercises. Her work was crucial in rendering the datasets usable and making comparison between datasets possible and hence underpinned much of what was done by other project members.

Dr Max Satchell

Dr Max Satchell has produced a considerably enhanced version of the historic GIS of parish and place boundaries originally produced by Roger Kain and Richard Oliver. This makes it possible to map parish-level data for the whole of England and Wales at high accuracy. He has used that dataset to produce GIS boundary datasets for the ancient counties and registration counties of England and Wales as well as the registration districts and sub-districts of England and Wales. He has also produced GIS datasets of the historic county boundaries of Scotland and the navigable rivers and canals of England and Wales. The foregoing work required considerable geo-cartographic research all of which was undertaken by Dr Satchell. He played a key role of the digitisation of Colonel Ronald Cobb’s Atlas of British Railways which led to the creation of a GIS of the historic railway network. He has produced most of the maps created for the project. With Ms Newton he managed the research assistants who undertook much of the various spatial matching exercises.

Ms Rebecca Tyler

Ms Rebecca Tyler is the project’s data editor. She has input virtually all of the published occupational data from the censuses of 1851 through to 1911.

Mr Xuesheng You

Mr Xuesheng You is a Ph.D. student attached to the project and supervised by Leigh Shaw-Taylor. He is working on patterns of female employment 1851-1911 primarily using census datasets generated by the project.

Research assistance

The following individuals provided research assistance:

Collection of the 1813-20 data: Joseph Barker, Richard Churchley, Alec Corio, Oliver Dunn, Selah Hennesey, Mandy Jones, Peter Kitson , Niraj Modha, Lauren Monaghan-Pisano, Geoffrey Stanning, Rebecca Tyler, Eli Schacher, Tim Swain, Alison Warren, Lucy Ward, Matt. Ward, Matt. Westlake.

Spatial matching of datasets: Stuart Basten, Sean Bottomley, Zoe Crisp, Georgina Wade, Stephen Thompson, Dave Walsh and Rebecca Whyte.

Assisting Professor Wrigley with the local population data: Sean Bottomley.