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How to Submit

How to Submit

In January of 2001, the Commission for Explosive Volcanism (under the suggestion of Steve Sparks) decided to undertake the collection of data on all volcanic eruptions of more than 10 km3. This website enables scientists from around the world to submit data on huge volcanic events. For information on how the database is to be assembled and how you can contribute, please see below.

Example of Data

The data will be accumulated into a table and made available online at regular intervals. An example of the table is given below:

Caldera Diameter Unit Age Method Intracaldera volume Outflow volume Ash volume Total volume Method Density Ouflow area VEI P T fO2 Sppm Paper
La Pacana 60x35 Atana Ignimbrite 4.0 Ar/Ar 1727 240 N/A 2500 3/2 x intracaldera vol 1.2 8000 8 2 770-790 -11.5 ? Lindsay et al 2001

Are my data large enough?

Required Fields

Submitting data will require a number of fields to be filled in. In order to assure both quality of data and consistency for statistical analysis, certain criteria must be met in order to submit any data.

Personal Information

Personal information such as names, addresses and emails are required in order to contact researchers about submitted data. Personal information will not be available on the internet for public viewing.

Cited data

Unfortunately, we can only accept data that has been published in scientific journals. For this reason, the relevant citations must be filled in on the submission form. Citations can include: journals, official bureaus, PhD theses and published maps. We would encourage copies of more rare citations to be sent to the address shown in the left bar for verification.

The following criteria are data-specific:

1. Required Fields for Ignimbrite Data:


This data set is exclusively for the largest eruptions on Earth. For this reason, any eruption with a volume of 10 km3 or above will be included. This should guarantee that all VEI 7 and above eruptions are included within the dataset. Unfortunately, all volumes lower than this limit can not be included.


Bulk Volume at 1000kg.m-3 (km3)

Dense Rock Volume (km3)

Mass (kg)




3x1013 - 3x1014




3x1014 - 3x1015




3x1015 - 3x1016

2. Required Fields for Caldera Data:

General Information

The submission of data on calderas (where no volumes are known) is available. Data must include: caldera dimensions, exact position of caldera and the caldera dynamics i.e. was the caldera formed by a single or multiple events.

3. Required Fields for Core Data:

General Information

Core data may be submitted along with the following information: name and exact position of core, thickness of ash unit and the suspected source region for the event.