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Volcanic eruption database


Volcanic eruption database

Welcome to the data entry pages for the Large Volume Explosive Eruption database. This project is aimed at generating the most complete possible record of the >VEI 7 (>30km3 of products) eruptions occurred in the world. The project is part of the activity of the Commission on Explosive Volcanism of IAVCEI, which welcomes all contributors. Due to the likelihood of large errors in data, we encourage to submit data relative to all eruptions >10 km3. This database will be available to the scientific community as an extraordinary dataset that may be queried in order to understand the periodicity of such large volume eruptions, the relationships between global volcanism and global climate changes or for whatever reason.

Results New!

The first data of the large eruption database are found below. Please write to Ben Mason if you have any queries or additional data. We would like to thank Peter Lipman, Steve Self, Vera Ponomareva, John Smellie, Jason Permenter, Chis Fridrich, Sharon Allen, Roberto Isaia, Jeff Wu and David Pyle for contributing to this database.


The database and the data entry format have been devised by Ben Mason, a former PhD student of Cambridge University (now at the University of East Anglia), who will administer this webpage. As this is work in progress we welcome all comments with regards to improving and implementing the database.

Our aim is to present an early version of the database at the 2004 IAVCEI General Assembly of Pucon Chile.


New developments from the large volcanic eruption database...

  • Website announced on Volcano Listserv!
  • Poster presented at EUG/AGU/EUGS conference in Nice
  • Poster presented at IUGG meeting in Saporro, Japan
  • Poster presented at COV3 conference in Hilo, Hawaii


Data submission

Data submission is now closed. Thank you for your entries.