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Localising International Law: Examining the Public Outreach Strategies of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This project is a two-year investigation into the establishment of the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its outreach strategy to local organisations, running from May 2011 to April 2013. The research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (RES-061-25-0479) in conjunction with the University of Cambridge and Newcastle University.

Localising International Law

Project summary

This research examines the relationship between war crimes courts and victim communities. This is achieved by looking at how the recently-established war crimes chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBiH) has attempted to ‘reach out’ to the Bosnian citizenry through its public outreach initiatives. Furthermore, this research aims at exploring the ways in which public outreach activities can assist in developing trust in trial processes, establishing the legitimacy of new judicial instruments and fostering popular participation in judicial institutions.

The main question this research will be asking is: How, and to what extent, have the public outreach practices of the CBiH fostered community engagement in the war crimes trials in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

This research is structured around three inter-linked aims:

  • To examine whether the transfer of war crimes cases to the CBiH has provided opportunities to expand public outreach programmes
  • To explore how NGOs participate in, and shape, the public outreach process of the CBiH
  • To assess how qualitative methods can develop understandings of the establishment of new judicial instruments of transitional justice

The planned research outputs for this project, for example, will include:

  • Workshops in Sarajevo and Bjeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina to disseminate the findings
  • A series of journal articles
  • A research monograph
  • Working papers hosted on this website
  • A workshop in the University of Cambridge near the end of the project

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact the project team, either Principal Investigator Dr Alex Jeffrey ( or Research Associate Dr. Michaelina Jakala (