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INTEGRAL - Basic Data Set exemplified by Study Area and Data Type

Study Area Ancillary (ANC) data Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data Altimetric (ALT) data Value-Added InSAR Products
Unteraargletscher in the Swiss Alps;

* DEM data to support 2-pass differential interferometry

* Velocity data from Aerial Photography for comparison with DINSAR results

* ERS SAR data

* Comparison of 2-pass and 4-pass differential interferometry

* 3D displacement from single geometry plus DEM

* Temporal analysis of InSAR displacement

the Svartisen ice caps in Norway

* DEM for topographic phase removal

*Ground-based Velocity data from GPS.

*Optical satellite / aircraft imagery for change detection or velocity extraction

* ERS-1/2 1-day Tandem SAR data

* Line-of-sight displacement

* 3D displacement from ascending and descending motion interferograms

* Cartographic product generation

Kongsvegen and Kronebreen glaciers in the the Svalbard archipelago (Norway)

* DEM for topographic phase removal / first estimate

* Meteorological data for pre-screening of InSAR data pair selection

* ERS-1/2 (3-day, and Tandem 1-day) data

*Use of IceSat GLAS laser altimetry data for topographic baseline constraint

*Potential of Cryosat2 data.

*CRYMPS simulation of Cryosat/2 data.

* Enhanced DEM

* Look-direction displacement from 2-pass interferometry with DEM

*Use of full-resolution InSAR data

Austfonna and Vestfonna ice caps, on Nordaustlandet in the Svalbard archipelago (Norway)

*Selection of SAR data with reference to atmospheric condition.

* Field-based GPS / GPR data

* Ice thickness data

* Satellite Optical / other data margin change delineation and ice calving assessment

* ERS-1/2 (3-day, and Tandem 1-day)

* JERS-1 SAR data

*Investigation of ALT data in combination with other data sources.

*ERS-2 RA ALT data

*Envisat RA-2 ALT data

* ASIRAS data evaluation of Cryosat SIRAL potential.

*IceSAT GLAS data.

* Interferometry processing

* Line-of-sight displacement

* JERS interferometry

* 3D displacement from ascending and descending motion interferograms

* Offset-tracking displacement measurements

* Comparison of Offset tracking vs DINSAR

* Combined DINSAR and Offset Tracking approach

Franz Josef Land (Russia)

* JERS SAR interferometry and offset-tracking

Novaya Zemlya (Russia)

* JERS SAR interferometry and offset-tracking