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INTEGRAL project

Click here to launch the Basic Project Dataset demonstration CD webpages.

INTEGRAL is an EU-funded project within the FP6 Framework. SPRI is involved with a number of multi-national partners within this project.

The general goal of INTEGRAL is to promote an advanced observation technology based on the complementary use of satellite interferometry and altimetry for generating and upgrading models of the elevation and evolution of the largest European tidewater glaciers (TWGs), and to integrate estimations of glacier changes at the regional scale.


The main INTEGRAL project website is available at, and gives further details of the project.

SPRI have produced a number of web pages which are intended to exemplify the Basic Project Dataset, including products generated from the data. Examples of data are given for a number of project study geographical areas, although it is not intended to exhaustively demonstrate the complete data set, either overall, or for any one individual area.