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Greencycles II


Specific Work Package deliverables

Each of the five Work Packages in the GREENCYCLESII (GCII) project was responsible for a number of specific deliverables. More details about these can be found on the pages for the individual Work Packages:-

Inputs to science and environmental policy

Each of the work packages have produced a briefing statement that contains concise summaries of their research findings, emphasising new developments and enhancements of scientific understanding with a policy relevance.

A briefing paper is also in the process of being produced that will critically evaluate the policy relevant results from the GCM simulations submitted to the IPCC 5th Assessment Report and will address the potential consequences of ecosystem behaviour for future climate and mitigation policies – Coming Soon!

In addition, Work Package 5 is producing a report aimed at policy makers and journalists which addresses the possible evolution of the Earth system to 2200 taking in to account alternatie anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, alternative land use scenarios and outcomes for the distribution of climate variables, biological production, run-pff, land cover and air quality. Further details about this report are coming soon!


One of the major collaborative outputs from the Network is a joint work package position paper between WP1, WP2 and WP3 which describes the state-of-the-art with respect to using ESM evaluations to constrain future projections. This was submitted for publication in December 2013 – more details will be made available once publication is finalised.

Each GCII Mini Conference produced a peer reviewed position paper based on the presentations, discussions and findings from the conferences. Details of these papers can be found on the MC webpages:-

In addition to these anticipated publications, each GCII Fellow was required to produce at least one peer-reviewed paper in collaboration with at least one other newtork partner – each of these papers will be listed in the publications list.

The GCII Network has established a special issue of the Biogeosciences journal – final submissions for papers to be included in this special issue are being accepted up to April 2014 and then a hard copy will be produced and circulated.


In addition to presenting at the various Traning Events and Network Meetings organised by GCII, the Fellows were also required to complete give a poster or oral presentation during at least one international conference in addition to the GCII Special Session at EGU2013.