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Greencycles II


Under the direction of the GCII Training Board, The GREENCYCLESII Network has organised:

  • 1 Summer School – “Feedbacks in the Earth system – the state-of-the-art”
  • 7 Training Workshops
  • 4 Mini Conferences

Further details and reports on each of the events can be found below. The organisers of each Mini Conference have produced a position paper in collaboration with the attendees and these are published in peer reviewed journals.

Each of these events has been open to researchers outside of the Network. Through our programme of training events, we have delivered training to 133 non-Network researchers from 58 different institutions based in 17 different countries.

TW5 Group

A copy of the Science Boards’s final assessment of the training opportunities explored during the GCII project can be found in the report:

Training workshops

Mini conferences

Additional training events

In addition to attending the training events organised by the Network, the Fellows were also encouraged to attend one other Summer School relevant for their project (ESRs only) and to give a poster or oral presentation during at least one international conference in addition to the GCII Special Session at EGU2013.