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Rethinking global food security

Workers Harvesting Tea In Plantation - by worradmu

‘Food security’ is a constant feature of public discourse today. Journalists, scholars, charitable organisations, governments, philanthropic foundations, NGOs, and agribusinesses all employ the concept to justify and give sense to their activities. Despite the concept’s political currency remarkably little research has been devoted to unpacking the various meanings and policy prescription enrolled in the term. The impression left is that ‘food security’ is an ideologically neutral concept, a pre-political idea that is also, moreover, a global good.

By contrast this project examines food security as an epistemological object. In particular, the project looks at how the problem of hunger is constructed through the lens of ‘food security’ and how this knowledge-power constellation authorizes policy interventions sanctioned in the name of a higher ‘moral’ purpose. At the broadest level, this research asks who defines what ‘hunger’ is, where it exists, and how best to oversee and manage its remediation?


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