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Department of Geography


Gender, race-ethnicity, place and difference


Geographies of gender have become increasingly attuned to the place-specific nature of gender relations, interlocking relations of race-ethnicity, sexuality, and location, and the ways gender informs the construction, use and meanings of space, place and territory.

Research by Professor Sarah Radcliffe on the dynamics of gender and development in the Andes spans a wide range of themes, from women’s mobilization in social movements, through to development opportunities for racialized impoverished rural women in Ecuador.


Recent publications include:

  • Radcliffe, Sarah A 2017 ‘Género y Buen Vivir: Desigualdades interseccionales y la descolonización de las jerarquías persistentes’, in S Varea & S Zaragocín (eds.) Feminismo y Buen Vivir: Utopías Decoloniales. Cuenca, Ecuador, PYDLOS, pp.75-90
  • Radcliffe, Sarah A. 2015 Dilemmas of Difference: Indigenous women and the limits of postcolonial development policy. London/Durham, N.C., Duke University Press.
  • Radcliffe, Sarah A 2013 Gendered frontiers of land control: Indigenous territory, women and contests over land in Ecuador. Gender, Place and Culture 21(7): 854-871.
  • Book cover Radcliffe, Sarah A 2010 ‘Ethnicity, development and gender: Tsáchila indigenous women in Ecuador.’ Development and Change 41(6): 983-1016.
  • Radcliffe, Sarah A 2010 ‘Epílogo: Historias de vida de mujeres indígenas a través de la educación y el liderazgo: Intersecciones de raza, género y locación’ [Indigenous women’s life-histories through education and leadership: Intersections of race, gender and location] in Celebraciones centenarias y negociaciones por la nación ecuatoriana. V Coronel and M Prieto (eds.), pp.317-348. Quito: FLACSO, Sede Ecuador and Ecuador Ministry of Culture.
  • Radcliffe, Sarah A 2008 ‘Women’s movements in the twentieth century’, pp.284-296 in The Ecuador Reader, S Striffler and C de la Torre (Editors), pp. 284-296. Duke University Press
  • Radcliffe, Sarah A. 2006 ‘Development and geography III: Gendered subjects in development processes and interventions’. Progress in Human Geography 30(4): 524-532
  • S Radcliffe, N Laurie and R Andolina. 2004 ‘The transnationalization of gender and re-imagining Andean indigenous development’ Signs: Journal of women in culture and society 29(2): 387-416, 2004
  • Radcliffe, Sarah A. 2002 ‘Indigenous women, rights and the nation-state in the Andes.’ pp. 149-172 In N Craske and M Molyneux (Editors) Gender and the politics of rights and democracy in Latin America. Palgrave,