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From Recipients to Donors: Emerging Powers and the Changing Development Landscape

From Recipients to Donors: Emerging Powers and the Changing Development Landscape

From Recipients to Donors examines the emergence, or re-emergence, of a large number of nations as partners and donors in international development, from global powers such as Brazil, China and India, to Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia, to former socialist states such as Poland and Russia. The impact of these countries in international development has grown sharply, and as a result they have become a subject of intense interest and analysis.

The book explores the range of opportunities and challenges this phenomenon presents for poorer countries and for development policy, ideology and governance. Drawing on the author's rich original research, whilst expertly condensing published and unpublished material, From Recipients to Donors is an essential critical analysis and review for anyone interested in development, aid and international relations.

The book is based upon several years of research on the rising powers as development actors. As well as secondary material, it draws on upon two research projects funded by the British Academy and DFID respectively. The first was concerned with contemporary India-Africa relations, and amongst other outputs, led to a jointly edited book on India-Africa with Dr Gerard McCann (published by Fahamu, 2011), and a journal paper looking at India's development cooperation relations with Kenya, published in the Journal of Eastern African Studies (2010). The second project, funded by DFID, allowed the author to look at how India's different domestic constituencies think about its development cooperation agendas and role. Details of these and other research publications can be found on Dr Mawdsley's biography page.

From Recipients to Donors: Emerging Powers and the Changing Development Landscape by Emma Mawdsley is published by Zed Books, priced £18.99/$34.95, ISBN 9781848139503. Copies can be purchased online.

Comments on 'From Recipients to Donors':

From Recipients to Donors - book cover

'Mawdsley has written a rigorous, original and compelling account of the changing landscapes of aid and development cooperation. From Recipients to Donors is simply the best available account we have of these shifting geopolitical realities.'

- Stuart Corbridge, London School of Economics

'With the international aid system in a turbulent transition, Mawdsley's excellent book on the so-called new donors from the South could not have come at a better time.'

- Thomas Fues, German Development Institute

'Mawdsley provides a brilliant overview and perceptive analysis of the rise of the non-DAC donors and its implications for aid and development. This is an important and timely text.'

- Vicky Randall, University of Essex

'Equally adept with the language of theory and of practice, Mawdsley draws a smart, careful and nuanced portrait of a brave new world of donors and development partners. Powerful, well-researched and sensitive to the complex realities, this is the right book at just the right time.'

- Deborah Bräutigam, author of The Dragon's Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa