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Floodplain Biodiversity and Restoration: Integrated natural science and socio-economic approaches to catchment management

Final report

The output from the FLOBAR2 project is very varied, and the Final Report
consists of scientific papers published in, or about to be published in, the
mainstream research literature; other pieces of less formal output; higher
degree theses; and a document designed to disseminate the research to user
communities (river managers and environmental policy makers).

Published papers

These are listed on the main publications page

Summary Final Reports by Work Package

  • Workpackage 1: Guidelines for assessing best practices for the restoration of floodplain woodlands
  • Workpackage 2: The influence of hydrology on water uptake and growth of woody riparian species
  • Workpackage 3: The influence of hydrology and litter accumulation on floodplain species diversity
  • Workpackage 4: The influence of hydrology on sex ratios in dioecious floodplain species
  • Workpackage 5: The influence of hydrology on sexual and vegetative regeneration strategies in floodplain species
  • Workpackage 6: The influence of woody floodplain vegetation on flow resistance properties
  • Workpackage 7: Institutional mechanisms for floodplain management

Other documents

To follow

The Flooded Forest: guidance for policy makers and river managers in Europe on the restoration of floodplain forests

The long-awaited FLOBAR2 document called “The Flooded Forest: guidance for policy makers and river managers in Europe on the restoration of floodplain forests” is now available.

This document summarizes many of the outcomes of the FLOBAR2 and previous projects. It is well illustrated with photographs and figures and explains how floodplain forests work, what the principle threats are to these ecosystems, ways of restoring them and the policy and institutional contexts within which their restoration might take place.

Hard copies of the document can be obtained from either Dr. Francine Hughes or Professor Keith Richards, Department of Geography, Downing Place, Cambridge, UK CB2 3EN at a cost of £10 sterling incl P&P; cheques payable to ‘The University of Cambridge’.