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Final meeting of the FLOBAR2 project in Angermunde, Germany

The last meeting of the FLOBAR2 project took place from 12th-16th March 2003, in Angermunde, Germany organised by the team from IRS. Minutes of the meeting can be read online.

The meeting was split into three parts. On 13th March a meeting about the project guideline document took place in order to finalise the layout style, complete some pieces of text and discuss approaches for sections not yet complete. On Friday 14th March, all workpackages met separately to exchange information and prepare plenary presentations for the following day. In addition, reporting procedures were given in detail and discussions about the next EU Framework Programme 6 were held. On Saturday 15th March plenary presentations were made for all workpackages followed by an excellent fieldtrip (by bicycle) to the polders and floodplain of the River Oder National Park. We enjoyed an excellent talk about the National Park from its Director, Herr Romuald Buryn.

The meeting was extremely productive and interesting. It was also tinged with a little regret that the project was coming to an end as the whole team has produced excellent work , in an atmosphere of great harmony over many years. A final convivial dinner with more than the odd joke, gave an opportunity to toast friendships and future collaborations.

Earlier news

Philippe BELLEUDY and Jacky GIREL participated in the International seminar "Sediment Management in River Systems: Basin-Scale Approaches" at the "Ecosite of Val de Drôme", Eurre, France, 16/18 september 2002.

Jacky GIREL presented: "Sedimentation, plant succession and plant biodiversity on the Isre river islands".

Forests on Floodplains: The European challenge

A workshop called 'Forests on Floodplains: The European challenge' was organised by the FLOBAR2 project in Cambridge on May 16th and 17th, 2002. It was primarily attended by practitioners of river management and forestry. We were blest with beautiful weather and after the workshop enjoyed a field trip to wetland restoration areas at Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve.

A detailed report of discussions at the workshop is now available.

Members of the workshop at Madingley Hall, Cambridge Members of the workshop visit Wicken Fen
Members of the workshop at Madingley Hall, Cambridge Members of the workshop visit Wicken Fen

European Floodplain 2002

Members of FLOBAR2 attended 'European Floodplain 2002', an international symposium on river restoration and management held in Strasbourg July 8th-12th. Poster papers were presented by Etienne Muller and Nadia Barsoum from the Toulouse team.

Third International Poplar Symposium in Uppsala

In August, 2002, Etienne Muller, Luc Lambs and Nadia Barsoum from the Toulouse team presented papers about the work of FLOBAR2 at the Third International Poplar Symposium in Uppsala, Sweden

Annual meeting of the FLOBAR2 partners

The annual meeting of the FLOBAR2 partners recently took place near Umeå in northern Sweden. (13th-17th March 2002). We were delighted to welcome Peter Edwards (Geobotanical Institute, ETH Zurich) to the meeting, attending as an external observer, invited by Keith Richards and Francine Hughes to report to Brussels on progress and management of FLOBAR2. Christer Nilsson and Mats Johansson organised an excellent meeting on the banks of the frozen Vindeln River at the Vindelälvens Hotell conference facility. Everyone was in high spirits and enjoyed fruitful collaborative periods within workpackages before reporting to the whole group in a series of excellent plenary roundup talks which gave an overview of work achieved in each workpackage over the previous year. Christer introduced a new Work Package (WP8), the deliverable of which had already arrived in the form of a box of FLOBAR2 t-shirts. We finished off the meeting with a half day of skiing as the snow precluded viewing the FLOBAR2 fieldsite on the Vindeln rapidly became clear that skiing was a novel experience for some!!

A meeting of workpackage 6 Francine Hughes
A meeting of workpackage 6 to discuss hydraulic modelling.. Jacky Girel, Phillipe Belleudy, Keith Richards and Rachel Horn Francine Hughes explains some of the finer points of reporting procedures to the whole group!
The frozen Vindeln River
The frozen Vindeln River

FLOBAR2 in the media.....

Recently Francine Hughes from the Cambridge team was interviewed by the BBC about ecological aspects of flood defence for a programme called Countryfile...