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Department of Geography


Culture and development: Geographies, actors and paradigms

Over recent years, Sarah Radcliffe has played a key role in the study of cultural factors in development processes. Research under this theme covers changing development thinking, the application of culturally-inflected development policy, the position of Andean indigenous peoples in Culture & Development thinking, and critiques of notions of social capital.


Books and articles include:

  • Culture and development in a globalizing world: geographies, actors and paradigms (S A Radcliffe Editor; Routledge, 2006);
  • ‘Culture and Development: Taking indigenous culture seriously in the Andes’ Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 2006
  • ‘Development and Culture: transnational identity making in Latin America’, R Andolina, S A Radcliffe, & N Laurie Political Geography 24 (6): 678-702, 2005