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Department of Geography


Building more large dams: A review of opinions

This research investigates the economic, social and environmental impact of dams in the Global South.

It includes the carrying out a statistical study of the effect of dam construction on socio-economic activity in the area around the dam using a unique combination of satellite imagery and dam location and construction data. Interviews in India have also been undertaken, and document analysis of existing dams and dams currently under construction.

Due to the pandemic, further interviews are being carried out online, using a structured online survey. The purpose of these interviews is to investigate the contested nature of the dam debate. This survey will be carried out with stakeholders who influence dam decisions and who are influenced by them, including industry members, funders, investors, academics and affected communities. During the survey, participants reflect on the debate by reviewing 37 opinions on dams, giving their insight and evaluating them relative to one another, by arranging them in the order of their agreement or disagreement. As such, the survey is not a straightforward questionnaire, but a structured conversation.

Dam opinions survey

Please note it is expected you will be facilitated through the survey by a researcher on zoom or skype, please do not fill out this survey on your own. To participate in this survey, or to learn more, please contact Lucy Goodman [].

Once you are ready to start the survey with a researcher, please enter the survey system, and enter your password.