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Trends and Cycles in Region and City Growth Workshop

Trends and Cycles in Region and City Growth Workshop

Following the successful Local Economic Growth Conference held last year a follow up Workshop was held on Thursday 10th July 2014 looking at 'Trends and Cycles in Region and City Growth'. Both events were connected to the ESRC project 'How Regions React to Recession: Resilience, Hysteresis and Long-run impacts' (Grant ES/1035811/1). This final Workshop presented some of the latest findings from the work.

The Workshop was held at the Senior Combination Room, St Catharine's College, Cambridge. The delegates at the event comprised members of the ESRC Steering Group together with some representatives from central and local government along with other academics with expertise in this area of research. The programme for the day concentrated on four main areas of the ESRC work. The papers and presentations will be available for download here shortly.

Slide presentations

Welcome and introduction - Ron Martin

How regions react to recessions: resistance, recoverability and the role of economic structure - Ron Martin, Peter Sunley, Peter Tyler and Ben Gardiner

Local long-run growth evolutions across Britain: some exploratory empirics - Peter Tyler

A tale of two divides: regional growth and resilience in Italy and the UK - Ben Gardiner, Raffaele Lagravinese, Ron Martin and Peter Tyler

The evolving economic performance of UK cities - Ron Martin, Ben Gardiner and Peter Tyler

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