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Centre for Geographical Economic Research

The Steering Group

For the ESRC Recession and Resilience Project a Steering Group has been established, consisting of members from Government, the public sector, private sector and academia.

Glenn Athey Glenn Athey is a research and policy professional who has spent his 18-year career specialising in local and regional economic development. He is currently the Interim Executive Director of Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership. Prior to this he was Director of Research and Intelligence at the East of England Development Agency, Head of Research at The Centre for Cities, Head of Enterprise Policy at London Development Agency, and Senior Labour Market Economist at Scottish Enterprise. Glenn holds a Ph.D. in local and regional economic development from the University of Glasgow and is on the editorial board of the Local Economy journal.
Gillian Bristow Gillian Bristow is Reader in Economic Geography and Deputy Head of School at the School of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University. Her research interests focus on regional economic development and policy and she has written widely on the themes of regional competitiveness and policy. She is currently actively researching regional economic resilience through two European research projects – first, she is a co-investigator in an Open Research Area / ESRC funded research project entitled ‘Territories and Technologies in an Unstable Knowledge Economy : An Evolutionary Framework of Regional Resilience’; secondly, she is leading an ESPON funded research programme entitled ‘Economic Crises – Resilience of Regions’. She is Deputy Chair of the Board of the Regional Studies Association and Managing Editor of the Association’s ‘Regions and Cities’ book series. She is also an editor of Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy.
Andrew Cumbers Andrew Cumbers is Professor of Geographical Political Economy at the University of Glasgow. He has written broadly on the problems of uneven development in capitalist economies and the implications for urban and regional development. Most recently he has been concerned with the evolution and adaptation of regions to processes of globalisation, and alternative strategies to combat unequal power relations between places. He is the author of An Introduction to Economic Geography: Globalisation, Uneven Development and Place (Prentice Hall, with Danny MacKinnon) and the recently published Reclaiming Public Ownership: Making Space for Economic Democracy (Zed books). .
Harry Garretsen Harry Garretsen became Professor of International Economics and Business at the University of Groningen in September 2008. Prior to this he was Professor of International Economics at Utrecht University. His main research area is the new economic geography or geographical economics. Other research areas include monetary and financial economics, and macro-economic theory and policy making. He is the co-author of a leading textbook on geographical economics (Cambridge UP, 2001) and has published widely in this field in journals such as Regional Studies, Kyklos, Regional Science and Urban Economics, J of Economic Geography or J of Regional Science. At present he is co-editor of Spatial Economic Analysis, editorial board member of Papers in Regional Science and acts (2006) as guest-editor for Regional Science and Urban Economics. He has edited books as well as contributed to books on geographical economics and related themes for Cambridge UP, MIT Press and Routledge. Harry has been a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge, Princeton, Yale and University of Munich. He is also research fellow of CESifo Munich and the HWWA institute in Hamburg. In total he is the author of approx. 100 scholarly articles. In no small part through his work on geographical or regional economics, he is at present deputy crown member of the Social Economic Council, an adviser to Netherlands’ Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and to the Netherlands’ Spatial Institute (RPB) as well as a member of a group of four economists that advises the Dutch Secretary of Education on economic issues.
Tom Griffiths

Tom Griffiths is the Acting Deputy Director, Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS). He has been a member of the Government Economic Service for eight years. He began working at the Welsh Government in 2009, working in the Regions team undertaking economic appraisal for large regional aid interventions and reviewing significant Regional Development Agency expenditures. He undertook a secondment to HM Treasury in 2010 to lead the development of the business case for a large IT software and systems procurement exercise. On returning to BIS he has led the appraisal and evaluation team covering enterprise and SME policy. He has most recently been appointed (in a temporary capacity) as lead analyst for Local Growth, once again focusing on sub-national economic development.

Richard Kenny

Richard Kenny is a highly experienced thought leader, policy lead, strategist and director of programmes and projects that has held senior positions at national, regional and local levels across the public sector working within the local government, health, and policing sectors, working to deliver better outcomes for people, places and communities. A strong influencer, with a grip on the future direction and strategies of government and the wider public sector, third and private sectors, with huge know-how to re-create the future, to get more from less, through innovation and collaboration: a strategic broker, project and programme manager, with the drive, resilience and political nous to improve organisational effectiveness and deliver excellence across corporate and back office support and front-line services. As Head of Strategic Development Richard leads strategic moves and strategic developments across the city and oversees strategy, policy, business change, partnerships and performance issues.

Mark Kleinman Mark Kleinman is Assistant Director, Economic and Business Policy – Greater London Authority. Mark has more than twenty-five years’ experience as a senior civil servant, strategy adviser and thought leader, working in and for central and local government in the UK, including for the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Mayor of London, for European and international organisations, for major companies in the private sector and for non-governmental organisations. Mark heads the Mayor of London’s Economic and Business Policy Unit, which provides policy support to the Mayor’s Office across the whole field of economic and business policy. Mark started his career as an academic including teaching for eleven years at the London School of Economics before becoming Professor of International Social Policy at the University of Bristol. He subsequently took a number of roles in government, including a year in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit working on migration policy, Head of Housing and Homelessness at the GLA, and Director of Urban Policy for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. He has been a consultant to the OECD, the European Commission, the UK Film Council, English Heritage, and many government departments and local authorities. He gave the keynote presentation at the Jane Jacobs Prize Ceremony in Toronto in 2009 as well as lectures and seminars in New York, Boston, Paris, Rome, Bologna, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Kyoto and Osaka.
David Pye David Pye is within the Research and Information Team at the Local Government Association and Research Director at the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER). Prior to this, David was Principal Research Officer at NFER and was involved in a range of evaluations of education and training initiatives both within the UK and overseas. David has also lectured and researched at a number of higher education institutions. He sits on a range of steering groups across local and central government and is on the board of the Information Authority.
Richard Woolhouse Richard Woolhouse is an Economist with 20 yrs experience working in the City, Consulting and Government. He has worked at Citigroup, CSFB, McKinsey and HM Treasury. At the CBI he is Head of Tax and Fiscal policy responsible for the macro fiscal position and budget submissions, as well as heading up tax policy work across the CBI. He is also leading a major project on rebalancing the economy from a spatial dimension: promoting growth in all regions.