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Department of Geography


Developing spatial analysis software linked to GIS

Research Team: R. Haining, S. Wise and J. Ma

Funding: ESRC


The research was the development of an interactive linked windows software system that can be used to analyse area based health and census data in ARC/INFO called SAGE (Spatial Analysis in a Geographical Environment).  SAGE was developed and written by Jingsheng Ma, Bob Haining and Steve Wise in the Sheffield Centre for Geographic Information and Spatial Analysis, (SCGISA) Department of Geography, University of Sheffield as part of a project funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (R000234470).


Image as described adjacent

Figure 1: A typical screen shots of SAGE during the analysis of some census data (source:

Further reading

  • Haining, R., S. Wise, and J. Ma (2000). “Designing and implementing software for spatial statistical analysis in a GIS environment.” Journal of Geographical Systems 2(3): 257-286.