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Department of Geography


Managing geospatial data within a local network and allowing their access on the Internet

Research staff: Jane Law


This project aimed to explore the use of ArcGIS Version 8, which provided some functions of spatial data management, for improving the management of spatial data in an organization. The ultimate aim was to build a user-friendly environment to allow potential users of spatial data to browse easily the metadata, maps, and attributes of the spatial data that are available. This would enable quick access of spatial data and improve efficiency in data integration, once the spatial data information becomes handy. The research also looked into the uploading of geospatial data on the Internet with ArcIMS, which enabled users to view the map and manipulate the data with functions of GIS provided on the web.


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Figure 1: Quick Preview of Maps through Local Network

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Figure 2: Quick Preview of dbf files through Local Network

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Figure 3: Internet Access of Geospatial Data with ArcIMS, Apache web server, and ArcExplorer.