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Department of Geography


Analysing the effects of closure of an accident and emergency unit in Sheffield

Research Team: R. Haining, P. Signoretta


This project identified areas that had seen a reduction in the use of A&E services as a result of the closure of the Northern General children’s A&E unit in Sheffield that took place in 1996. It examined the geography of attendance by enumeration district for the two units before the closure, and for the remaining unit after closure. The evidence suggested that EDs close to the A&E unit that was closed did see a significant drop off in A&E attendance rates even after controlling for higher levels of usage of A&E units by children from more deprived households.


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Further reading

  • Haining, R., and P. Singoretta (2000). Analysing hospital A&E attendance levels before and after closure of the northern general site. Report.