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Department of Geography


Local and Regional Economic Development: The Role of Institutions

There are three streams of projects:

(i) Local and regional economic development in Britain

A series of ongoing projects on local and regional institutions. This has included assessing the various UK government regimes for local development agents: TECs and LECs, RDAs, LLSCs, local government and Business Links; and since 2010 the UK Coalition government’s local government reforms, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and Enterprise Zones. This has received major project grants from the Leverhulme Trust.

(ii) Geography of public finance

Long-running projects on spatial patterns of ‘need’ for public expenditure for people and businesses, and how resource – need imbalances are overcome by intergovernmental grants and transfers. The Geography of Public Finance: Welfare under fixed federation and local government finance sparked a series of studies in geography and related disciplines. Detailed studies of local taxes on business have produced the benchmarks for local business tax incidence (Bennett and Krebs, G. Local Business Taxes in Britain and Germany).

(iii) Government Decentralisation

During the reform process in central Europe since 1990, public finance and territorial reforms to local/regional government became key elements. Through the IGU Commission on Public Policy (IGU CPP) a series of major studies were made which helped to stimulate increased decentralisation to the lower tiers of government, Edited by Bennett as chair of IGU CPP 1984-96: Local Government in the New Europe; Territory and Administration in Europe; Decentralisation, local government and markets; Local Government and Market decentralisation: Experiences in industrialised, developing and former Eastern Bloc Countries.


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