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ATHAM (Active Tracer High Resolution Atmospheric Model)

The Active Tracer High-Resolution Atmospheric Model (ATHAM) simulates the evolution of a gas particle mixture with spatial resolutions in the order of tens to hundreds of metres for domains of up to several hundred kilometres horizontally and several tens of kilometres vertically. ATHAM has originally been designed to study explosive volcanic eruption plumes. However, since ATHAM is conceptually a cloud resolving model extended with a concept for dynamically active tracers the model can and has already successfully been applied to study the dynamic and chemistry of biomass burning plumes and the aerosol cloud interactions in maritime stratocumulus clouds. ATHAM has a modular structure. Modules for different physical processes and complexity can be selected as needed for the application under consideration. More recently, ATHAM has been applied to the simulation of deep convective clouds in the context of a new convection parametrisation for climate models.