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Postdoctoral research

There are many active postdoctoral researchers in the department who play a key role in our research activities. These include both postdoctoral research associates and affiliated college research staff.

All postdoctoral researchers are members of the department’s research groups and help to coordinate a range of seminars, events and workshops.

You can find out more about the postdoctoral activities taking place in the department by following us on Twitter.

Postdoctoral members of the department are represented by the Geography Postdoc Committee. The Committee organises a number of events throughout the year focused on researcher and professional development, but they also host many informal events in order to foster a strong sense of community amongst postdoc researchers in the department.

Joining the Department as a Postdoc

The Department welcomes interest from all types of post-doctoral researchers and provides a range of facilities and support.

The Department does not have its own funding for postdoctoral research, but there are many funds available, from the Cambridge Colleges (Junior Research Fellowships) and various funding bodies. Within the UK support from the Leverhulme Trust, AHRB, British Academy, and for UK and EU, ESRC, NERC and EPSRC are all available. Interested applicants from other countries should contact their relevant funding bodies.

If you are interested in applying for post-doctoral positions on research grants here in the Department, any vacant positions are advertised on our website, in the press and often on

If you thinking of applying for a Fellowship and want to hold it here in Geography at Cambridge, then you must be associated with one of our ongoing research groups and have a local ‘host’ who is an established member of staff in the Department.

You should, in the first instance, contact relevant academic staff in the Department to find out what activity will be going on in their field during your planned period of research. If in doubt, you can contact the Head of Department who is responsible for the final approval of applications for post-doctoral researchers of this kind in the Department.

When seeking advice or applying to the Department, you should send both a curriculum vitae and a copy of the application that you intend to make to the relevant funding body. If the latter is not applicable, you should include an outline of your proposed research (not more than 1000 words), two suggested referees and the location of proposed research if it is to be undertaken away from the University. In all cases, you must provide the name of the member of staff in the Department who has agreed to act as your host.

Potential applicants should note that if substantial costs are likely to arise from the use of laboratories, equipment or large volumes of photocopying, stationery or telephones, then the costs should be included in your bid for funds. In any case, substantial costs that fall on the Department may be recovered through recharging.


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  • For more information, both current and prospective postdocs can e-mail:

  • Current members of the department can also access more information via the Geography Intranet pages (requires Raven login)