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Department of Geography


Professor Nick Blomley (Simon Fraser University)

8th-12th September 2014

Nick Blomley is Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. He is a geographer, with a general interest in law, and a particular interest in property in land. He has traced the work of property in many conflicts and social relations, including gentrification, urban gardening, the municipal regulation of panhandling and, most recently, indigenous-state treaties. He is currently engaged in team-based research on the use of ‘area restrictions’ included in bail and sentencing conditions imposed in the context of criminal proceedings involving marginalized groups of people. He is also part of a large collaborative project exploring the liquidation of Japanese-Canadian property after WWII. He is interested in bringing together philosophical pragmatism and performativity theory to take seriously the enactments of property.

Nick Blomley will participate in the Shrinking Commons Symposium, give a department seminar and hold a graduate workshop.

Shrinking Commons Symposium

The right to not be excluded: common right and the struggle against displacement

8th-9th September
Small Lecture Theatre, Department of Geography, Downing Site

Professor Nick Blomley will speak alongside Alex Jeffrey in the third session of the Shrinking Commons Symposium, which is on the topic of commons and rights. He will speak on understandings of common rights to land in the context of urban gentrification and displacement. A strong theme of both his and Alex’s paper is the idea of law and conceptions of rights being something which is not only constructed in the court room and other formal legal institutions, but which is also contested through people’s everyday struggles for land rights or justice for war crimes, and the actions of NGOs like Amnesty International in identifying possible contraventions of international law.

The space of property

4pm, Friday 12 September 2014
Small Lecture Theatre, Department of Geography, Downing Site

Nick will present a department seminar entitled The space of property, drawing in an interdisciplinary audience from geography, anthropology and law.

Further details about this talk are available.