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Infrastructures of urban nature

At Cambridge we are undertaking a range of work on “urban nature”. The meaning of “urban ecology”, for example, is undergoing a transition that includes new forms of methodological innovation derived from DNA sequencing, phenomenology, ethology, filmmaking, and other fields. Questions of agency connect with other-than-human natures and “new materialisms” including stratigraphic conceptions of space, time, and the “technosphere”. Specific facets of the urban landscape such as wastelands, hydrological imaginaries, and infrastructure systems are being re-framed as a set of embodied and intersecting socio-ecological realms.

Research projects

Research projects currently being undertaken on this theme include:

Rethinking Urban Nature

Rethinking Urban Nature

The ERC Advanced Grant, Rethinking Urban Nature, is developing new perspectives on urban nature, using cities as unique laboratories to explore the complex intersections between nature, culture, and urban space.