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Publications - Infrastructural Geographies

Publications - Infrastructural Geographies

Recent publications by members of the group are listed here.

You can also browse listings of all recent publications by members of the Department and within each person's biography page.


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Citizenship and Infrastructure Practices and Identities of Citizens and the State Releasing the Commons: Rethinking the Futures of the Commons Seeing Like a City Moth Nature, sexualité, et hétérotopie The City in Urban Poverty Dilemmas of Difference Indigenous Women and the Limits of Postcolonial Development Policy The Acoustic City The Fabric of Space Water, Modernity, and the Urban Imagination

Journal articles

Key publications are marked with a star.


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Book chapters

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Internet publications

  • Jeffrey, A.S., 2014. Getting beyond déjà vu: blog post for ERC YouCitizen project (1st December 2014).


  • Barford, A. and Cieslik, K., 2019. Making a life: a youth employment agenda.
  • Barford, A. and Coombe, R., 2019. Getting by: young people’s working lives.

Other publications

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