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Projects range from the broad study of coastal biologically-mediated landforms (such as coastal wetlands), how they form and how they respond to the dynamic drivers of sea level rise, tidal fluctuations, and wave climates, to research on how scientifically-based insights into the effect of those landforms on coastal flood risk can be used to achieve sustainable, multi-functional, coastal protection schemes.

Research projects

Research projects currently being undertaken on this theme include:

Preparing for Extreme and Rare Events in coastaL regions (PEARL)

Preparing for Extreme and Rare Events in coastaL regions (PEARL)

Coastal communities are among the most vulnerable to extreme flooding events. Surface runoff from heavy rainfall, high river levels and storm/tidal surges from the sea all pose significant flood risks, and can often occur in combination, with potentially devastating consequences. This is further compounded by the expected sea level rise over the next few decades due to human-induced climate change. Accordingly, the EU(FP7)-funded project PEARL has been set up to bring together world-leading technological and socio-economical expertise in order to develop more sustainable risk management solutions for coastal communities.

Earlier projects