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Laura Trajber Waisbich (BA, MRes)

Laura Trajber Waisbich (BA, MRes)

PhD candidate, Cambridge Trust Scholar

Political scientist and international relations analyst by training, my current PhD research examines accountability politics in International Development, looking at how accountability is being conceived, negotiated and operationalised in countries engaged in South-South Cooperation.


Over seven years of research and policy experience in the field of international relations and international development, having worked for think-tanks and international non-governmental organizations based in Brazil, Belgium and the United States. As a researcher I have often engaged in transnational comparative research projects in/on Global South countries, particularly on the so-called emerging powers.

My research interests lie at the crossroad of International Development Cooperation and South-South Development Cooperation, particularly Brazilian Development Cooperation and Citizen Participation and Mobilization, including citizen participation in social policies and in emerging powers' foreign policy. Previously, I have also worked on international human rights issues, including foreign policy and human rights in Southern democracies, human rights-based approach to development, and human rights and national security.

As a critical researcher committed to social change, I have attempted to produce knowledge for action, often engaging in dissemination efforts both within academia and beyond.



  • 2008-2010: Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), Research Master's in political science and International Relations, distinction (Mention Bien) Eiffel Scholar
  • 2007-2008 Dual Degree Program (Cursus Intégré – PUC-SP/Sciences Po Paris), Sciences Po Undergraduate College on Latin America, Portugal and Spain (Poitiers Campus)
  • 2005-2009: Catholic University of Sao Paulo, BA in International Relations


Current PhD research

Negotiating Accountability in South-South Cooperation for Development

The rise of South-South cooperation (SSC) - in visibility, resource and importance – is one of the main features of the current international development landscape. Southern emerging economies, notably the BICS – Brazil, India, China and South Africa, and others in Asia, Africa and Latin America, today play an important role in shaping and re-shaping ideas, practices and norms in the highly politicized, yet softly-regulated, international development arena.

This thesis is concerned with how accountability, a disputed concept and a major pillar of the existing Development Effectiveness Paradigm, is being conceived and pursued in SSC.

Through a transnational comparative exercise, I use a multi-case study to elucidate how accountability politics are dynamically evolving in Southern partners' development cooperation, what are the main existing and conflicting narratives around accountability in SSC, who are the main actors shaping them and what types of SSC accountability politics are currently found in Brazil, India, China and in the BRICS-led New Development Bank.

Selected list of past research projects

  • (2017) Open Government Partnership Independent Reporting Mechanism, Subnational Pilot Programme, São Paulo – Independent researcher
  • (2016-2017) The New Development Bank: a strategy for civil society engagement – Leading researcher from Articulação SUL. Commissioned by the Oxfam Confederation
  • (2016-2017) Monitoring and measurement of Brazilian South-South Cooperation flows – Member of the research team from Articulação SUL. Done in partnership with Oxfam Brazil
  • (2016-2018) The Accountability Politics of Reducing Health Inequities: Learning from Brazil and Mozambique - Member of the research team from Cebrap. Project funded by the ESRC-DFID Poverty Alleviation 2014-15
  • (2016) Impact evaluation of the World Food Program Centre of Excellence Against Hunger in Brazil (2011-2016) - Member of the research team from Articulação SUL
  • (2013) Open Government Partnership, Independent Reporting Mechanism, Brazil 2011-2013 – Member of the research team from Cebrap
  • (2012-2014) State of the Debate: Brazil country study - IDS Rising Powers in International Development programme - Member of the research team from Cebrap. Project funded by DFID-UK
  • (2014-2017) Observatory 'Brazil and the South' – Member of the research team at Articulação SUL


Selected publications:


  • POMEROY, M.; WAISBICH, L. "Formatos e Determinantes da Participação Social em agendas da Política Externa Brasileira". Revista Brasileira de Políticas Públicas e Internacionais, 4(1), pp.105-130
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External activities