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Vitchko Ivanov Tsanev PhD

Vitchko Ivanov Tsanev PhD

Senior Research Associate

Physicist with research interest in the development and application of ground based remote techniques in volcanology, environmental control and atmospheric chemistry



  • 1972-2003: Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: from 1992 - Associate Professor; from 1995 - Head of Optical Radiometry Laboratory
  • Since May, 2003: Department of Geography, University of Cambridge – Senior Research Associate
  • Since May, 2007: Department of Chemistrry, University of Cambridge - Senior Research Associate
  • 2009-2010 : Department of Chemistrry and Department of Geography, University of Cambridge – Senior Research Associate
  • 2011-present : Department of Geography, University of Cambridge – Senior Research Associate


  • MSc in Physics (St. Petersburg State University, Department of Physics and Joffe Physical and Technical Institute in St. Petersburg)
  • PhD in Physics (Institute of Electronics - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, "Lidar sounding of the atmospheric aerosol pollution")


Prior to moving to the UK in 2002 I was head of the Optical Radiometry Laboratory of the Institute of Electronics at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. I was responsible for anthropogenic aerosol investigations in urban areas and was co-author of a new method for solution of the lidar equation based on the Phillips-Tikhonov regularization. I developed and implemented methods and software for mapping the spatial distribution of aerosol pollution and for correlation analysis of aerosol extinction and mass concentration accounting for experimental errors in both quantities. I was among the initiators and the lead scientist in several field experiments in Bulgaria and Russia. One key result obtained was the explanation of daily variations of aerosol pollution in a mountain valley (which subsequently influenced a policy decision to close a paper factory). As a member of the joint research team, I obtained a prize for scientific achievements in collaboration between the Bulgarian Academy of Science and Russian Academy of Science for development of lidar methods for remote sensing of the atmosphere.

Since taking up an appointment as Research Associate, then Senior Research Associate in the Department of Geography, I have been mainly focused on remote sensing of volcanic gas and aerosol emissions but have also worked on related problems in measurement and analysis of tropospheric pollutants. My research has included the design and application of several spectroscopic techniques, a selection of which are outlined below.

(i) A set of thermo-stabilized instruments and scanners based on compact ultraviolet spectrometers and the corresponding software for automated control and data collection was developed together with Adrian Hayes. The thermostabilized instrument was utilized in several field campaigns (including at Erta 'Ale volcano, Ethiopia; Manchester airport; Erebus volcano, Antarctica; and for observations of the plume emitted by the Buncefiled depot fire) greatly improving the quality of recorded spectra and accuracy of the retrievals. Special attention was paid to development of two new telescopes: solar occultation and dual-wide field of view. The latter one permits measurement of the gas fluxes of vertical volcanic plumes with simultaneous measurement of plume's drift velocity at a sampling rate of about 1 per second. Currently I am developing a system of automated scanners and corresponding software for Montserrat Volcano Observatory.

Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent

Photographs demonstrating usage of the thermo-stabilized UV spectrometer for volcanic gas composition measurement on Erta 'Ale volcano, Ethiopia, summer 2005 (left), Vulcano (middle) and for measuring aircraft NO2 emissions at Manchester airport, autumn 2005 (right).

Image as described adjacent

New scanner (flat box) being tested alongside with old scanner at Lover Lane on Montserrat.

(ii) The accuracy of DOAS gas emission measurements is a vital issue. In the case of SO2 retrievals, the fitting parameters have a particularly strong impact on the result due to the influence of stray light and the coincidence of the strongest SO2 absorption (at 300 nm) with the edge of the UV-blind region (where there is no downwelling UV). To solve this problem I proposed and implemented an optimization algorithm. The accuracy of retrieval algorithms was investigated by measurements of cells with calibrated SO2 abundances yielding an estimated accuracy of SO2 retrievals of ~5-10%. The lower value corresponds to measurements when the sky is cloudless or overcast with homogeneous clouds, whilst the upper value is reached in the presence of bright, broken clouds.

Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent

Photograph of burning sugar cane field on 4 September 2003. The car used to traverse the plume is visible in the lower left hand corner. Time-distance plot of NO2 columns obtained by interpolation of seven traverses. The thick lines indicate the traverses trajectories.

Image as described adjacent

Image as described adjacent

The photo above shows the Ambrym volcano plume emitted by craters Benbow and Marum. The plot outlies the result of UV DOAS measurements. Plumes were traversed using a light aircraft. SO2 column amounts are presented with squares whilst corresponding SO2/BrO ratios – by circles. Solid curves (no symbols) indicate two Gaussian functions fit to the SO2 column amount data, to represent the individual emissions from Benbow and Marum craters, and the sum of the two Gaussians. The distance scales run from east to west (left to right) and give the projected distance on to the horizontal perpendicular to the plume transport direction

(iii) During the last years Cambridge Volcanology Group performed a set of investigations of volcanic emissions where I was responsible for the accuracy of gas and aerosol retrievals.

(iv) I developed and constructed a novel aerosol lidar (Royal Society Paul Instrument Fund project "Lidar for Analysis of spatial and temporal distribution of Volcanic Aerosol"). The lidar will be able to perform the first systematic and high time-resolution measurements of the spatial and temporal distribution of volcanic aerosol. It will be a highly robust and readily portable instrument, capable of stand-alone, ground-based operation in harsh environmental conditions using remote power sources (small generator). The lidar construction is based on advanced optoelectronics and detector elements.

(v) I am also participant in a few projects in the Department of Chemistry: (a) Development of an imaging DOAS spectrometer and its application for investigation of NO2 aircraft emissions. (b) Investigation of continuum absorption of water vapour in near infrared spectral interval by cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy. (c) Development of a differential absorption lidar for FAAM aircraft.

Image as described adjacent

Imaging DOAS spectrometer employed on the Cranfield airport for measurement of NO2 aircraft emission.



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2003 and before

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  • Theory of optoelectronic devices and systems - Technical University Sofia - Plovdiv Branch
  • Basics of optoelectronics - Technical University Sofia
  • Optoelectronic systems for ecological control - Technical University Sofia - Plovdiv Branch
  • IB Paper 6. Earth observation (Physics of remote sensing), Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
  • Mphil in GIS & Remote Sensing (Physics of remote sensing), Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
  • Mphil in GIS & Remote Sensing (spectroscopy measurements of atmospheric trace gases), Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

External activities

  • Member of SPIE