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Roland Randall MA MSc PhD FCIEEM

Roland Randall MA MSc PhD FCIEEM

Life Fellow of Girton College

Biogeographer who works mainly on dry coastal ecosystems and high-stress environments.



  • 1970-1972: Lecturer in Biogeography, University of Ulster, Coleraine
  • 1972-1995: Staff Tutor in Conservation and Ecology, Cambridge University, Institute of Continuing Education
  • 1977-2010: Fellow, Graduate Tutor in Arts and Director in Studies in Geography, Girton College.
  • 2010 - : Life Fellow, Girton College
  • 2012 - 2018 : Overseas Rep., Project Evaluation Committee, Research Institute fot Humanities & Nature, Japan


  • MSc 1968 (McGill)
  • MA 1969 (Cantab)
  • PhD 1972 (Cantab)
  • C. Env. 2004 (SocEnv)
  • FCIEEM 2009 (Inst Ecol & Env Management)


Earth and Environmental Systems: Processes and Change - Monitoring and Modelling Environmental Processes

This work combines long-standing Departmental research interests in glaciology, fluvial geomorphology and hydrology, and coastal processes together with a more recent focus on volcanology Concern with physical system dynamics is complemented by detailed field research on soil and water chemistry and nutrient dynamics and ecology. There is an important policy and practical application to the research.


Selected publications

  • Randall, R.E. 2010. Development of an evidence base of the extent and quality of shingle habitats in England to improve targeting and delivery of the coastal vegetated shingle HAP. Natural England Commissioned Reports, Number 054. (with Murdock, A., Hill, C. T. & Cox, J.)
  • Randall, R.E. 2006 'The impact of changing olive cultivation practices on the ground flora of olive groves in the Messara and Psiloritis regions, Crete, Greece' (with H.D.Allen, G.S.Amable & B.J.Devereux), Land Degradation, 16, 1-25
  • Randall R.E. 2005 'Management of Coastal Vegetated Shingle in the British Isles', Journal of Coastal Conservation, 10, 159-168
  • Randall, R.E. 2004 'Biological Flora of the British Isles - Viola kitaibeliana Schult(es), Journal of Ecology, 92, 361-369
  • Randall, R.E. 2003 'Biological Flora of the British Isles - Smyrnium olusatrum L., Journal of Ecology, 91, 325-340
  • Randall, R.E. (et al) (eds) 2001 'Ecology and Geomorphology of Coastal Shingle' Westbury Academic and Scientific Publishing, Ilkley 460pp. Chapter 9 (with P. Sneddon) Initiation, Development and Classification on British Shingle Beaches: A model from Conservation Management, 202-223. Chapter 11 (with R. M. Fuller) The Orford Shingles, Suffolk, UK: Evolving Solutions in Coastline Management, 242-260.
  • Randall, R.E. (1998) 'Vegetated shingle structures and shorelines.' in: J.H. Barne ... [et al.] Coasts and seas of the United Kingdom. Peterborough: JNCC, Region 1 - Shetland, 45-47; Region 4 - South-east Scotland: Montrose to Eyemouth, 49-50;Region 7 - South-East England: Lowestoft to Dungeness, 48-52; Region 8 - Sussex: Rye Bay to Chichester Harbour, 41-43; Region 11 - The Western Approaches: Falmouth Bay to Kenfig; 14 - South-west Scotland: Ballantrae to Mull, 52-54; Regions 15 & 16 - North West Scotland: the Western Isles and West Highland, 62-64.
  • Randall, R.E. and Scott, G. (1997) 'Communities of sand and shingle beaches.' in: E. van der Maarel (ed.) Ecosystems of the world: 2c - dry coastal ecosystems; general aspects Amsterdam: Elsevier Science, 263-274

External activities

  • Ecological consultant variously to ARC, National Trust, DETR, English Nature, Scottish Natural Heritage, Anglian Water, Andrews Ward Associates.
  • Committee Member, European Union for Coastal Conservation