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People in the Department: PhD students

People in the Department: PhD students

Below is a list of PhD students in the Department, undertaking graduate study.

Current students

Name Phd title and details Supervisor(s)
Misbah Khatana Aamir Negotiating gendered space: Exploring forces that influence the construction of labour markets in Pakistan. Funding: Cambs Trusts. Began January 2015. Dr Mia Gray
Isabel Airas The affective politics of political movements: structures of feeling, political resonance machines and hotspots. Funding: ESRC DTP. Began October 2017. Prof Ash Amin
Henry Anderson-Elliott To re-frame the conservation of polar bears in Svalbard, looking at the socio-cultural norms and values that structure the human relationships with the species. Funding: ESRC -College matched. Began October 2016. Dr Michael Bravo
Tina Andersson Livelihoods, ecosystem services and conservation in a tropical CM-SES setting. Began October 2014. Prof Tim Bayliss-Smith and Prof Bhaskar Vira
Katarzyna Baran International Development Cooperation from below: recipients' perceptions of development cooperation in Haiti. Funding: Self. Began October 2016. Dr Emma Mawdsley
Jean-Philippe Baudouin Winter rain, summer rain: adaptation, climate change, resilience and the Indus Civilisation (TwoRains). Funding: ERC (Archaeology). Began October 2016. Dr Michael Herzog
Corinne Benedek Using Sentinel-1 SAR data to map the fate of meltwater in the percolation zone. Funding: CISS award. Began October 2015. Dr Ian Willis
Tanvi Bhatkal Making cities work for women: gender and urban planning in India. Funding: Self. Began October 2016. Dr Charlotte Lemanski
Clare Elizabeth Bissell The Political Ecology of Trees and Birds in Ghana: People, power and perspectives driving landscape change in Kwahu East. Funding: ESRC - RSPB. Began October 2016. Prof Bill Adams and Juliet Vickery
Lander Bosch On shape and being shaped: the relation between overweight and obesity in London's schoolchildren and the energy-expending characteristics of their built environment. Funding: ESRC DTP. Began October 2017. Dr Alice Reid
Peadar Brehony Socio-ecological systems and drought in East Africa. Funding: Self. Began October 2016. Prof Nigel Leader-Williams
Helen Brooks Can nature protect us from the coastal impacts of climate change. Funding: NERC. Began October 2016. Dr Iris Möller and Prof Tom Spencer and Dr Katherine Royse
Edward Bryan "Let them come to Berlin": Critically Examining the Geopolitical Significance of John F. Kennedy's visit to West Berlin on 26 June 1963. Funding: Trinity Hall. Began October 2017. Dr Alex Jeffrey
Han Cheng Politics of knowledge construction in China's international development cooperation. Funding: CSC Cambridge Intern. Sch. Began January 2017. Dr Emma Mawdsley
Thomas Chudley Tracking water under the Greenland Ice Sheet with UAVs. Funding: NERC. Began October 2016. Dr Poul Christoffersen
Samuel Cook Will fast glaciers accelerate under a warming climate?. Funding: NERC. Began October 2016. Dr Poul Christoffersen
Hannah Cubaynes Whales from space: studying ballen whales by satellite. Funding: MAVA Foundation. Began October 2016. Dr Gareth Rees and Peter Fretwell
Ragnhild Dale Local content or dreams at sea? The performance of resource management in Sápmi and the Norwegian North. Funding: GATES. Began January 2014. Dr Richard Powell and Dr Piers Vitebsky
Peter Damerell Coexisting with large carnivores: understanding how perceptions of risk and vulnerability pertain to rewilding in Europe. Began January 2014. Prof Nigel Leader-Williams
Rebecca Dell Melting, Ponding and Refreezing on Antacrtic Ice shelves. Funding: NERC. Began October 2017. Dr Ian Willis and Dr Neil Arnold and Dr Alison Banwell
Annemarie Eckes Improving our understanding of the role of terrestrial ecosystem dynamics in the global carbon cycle. Funding: Self. Began October 2016. Dr Andrew Friend and Prof Ulf Büntgen
Sebastian Gibson The Pleistocene History of the Birmingham District. Funding: Self-funded. Began October 2011.
PhD thesis submitted for examination.
Prof Philip Gibbard
Lucy Goodman Large scale water-management infrastructure in Central and South Asia - to what extent have policies been based on flawed or incomplete economic analysis driven environmental. Funding: ESRC DTP. Began October 2017. Prof Bhaskar Vira
Annette Green A political ecology of conservation and development corridors in Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. Funding: ESRC. Began October 2016. Dr Chris Sandbrook
Wenkai Guo The location and dynamics of Arctic treeline and its relationship with circumarctic snow cover variability. Funding: Cambridge Trusts, Trinity Henry-Barlow Award, Self-funding. Began October 2015. Dr Gareth Rees
Jonathan Hanson Snowleopards and sustainability: participatory conservation and development in the annapurna region of Nepal. Funding: ESRC. Began October 2012.
PhD thesis submitted for examination.
Prof Nigel Leader-Williams
Jonathan Harris The politics of citizenship and indigenous positioning in the Amazigh diaspora. Funding: ESRC. Began October 2014.
PhD thesis submitted for examination.
Prof Sarah Radcliffe
Sebastian Haug Investigating liminality: Turkey and Mexico in global development. Funding: Vice-Chancellor’s Award and ESRC. Began October 2015. Dr Emma Mawdsley
Victoria Herrmann Art, Technology, and Political Agency in Arctic Governance and Development: an analysis from Bipolar competition to International co-operation. Funding: GATES. Began October 2014.
PhD thesis submitted for examination.
Dr Michael Bravo
Thomas Jackson Paradiplomacy in the Russian Federation: A Critical Geopolitics Perspective. Funding: ESRC-College matched. Began October 2016. Dr Alex Jeffrey
Katy Jeary Land sparing and its impact on local forest biodiversity, local land users and their food security. Funding: CHESS. Began October 2013.
PhD thesis submitted for examination.
Dr Chris Sandbrook and Dr Mike Bithell
Ritika Kapur (Thesis title will be available in due course.)
PhD thesis submitted for examination.
Prof Bhaskar Vira
Judit Kuschnitzki Negotiating Statehood: A Study of the Yemeni Diplomatic Service. Funding: ESRC and College Matched Funding Award with some CT's. Began October 2015. Dr Alex Jeffrey
Natalia Magnani Materiality, Memory, and Identity in Finnish Lapland. Funding: GATES. Began October 2013.
PhD thesis submitted for examination.
Dr Richard Powell and Dr Piers Vitebsky
Debolina Majumder Labour Under Militarisation: Capital, State Security and Space in Kashmir and Manipur. Funding: Smuts International Scholarship (Cambridge Trust). Began October 2017. Dr Alex Jeffrey
Michael McCarthy Rubble Matters! How can we map the thickness of debris on Himalayan Glaciers?. Funding: NERC. Student at BAS. Began October 2014. Dr Hamish Pritchard and Dr Ian Willis
Amy McGuire The Quaternary climate of the eastern Mediterranean: insights into changes in climate and environment and their impact on human populations. Funding: Department. Began October 2016. Prof Christine Lane
Aleksandr Montelli Investigating glacial history and sedimentary architecture of marine glaciated margins and their linkages to global climate. Funding: GATES. Began October 2015. Prof Julian Dowdeswell
Marcus Nyman Foraging in the city’s margins: understanding urban nature through food gathering practices in London. Funding: ERC grant. Began October 2015. Prof Matthew Gandy
Francisco Oliveira Filho A new paradigm for the Brazilian Amazon: environmental law enforcement, land use dynamics and the rural environmental registry (CAR). Funding: Cambridge Trusts. Began October 2015. Prof Nigel Leader-Williams
James Pollard Temporal and spatial patterns of shoreline change and exposure of coastal communities and ecosystems to future flood risks. Funding: NERC DREAM DTC. Began October 2016. Prof Tom Spencer and Dr Iris Möller
Emily Potter Melting Himalayas: using a regional climate model to simulate the effect of future climate change in the 'Water Tower of Asia'. Funding: BAS NERC award. Began October 2015. Dr Ian Willis and Dr Andrew Orr
Simon Price Geology and geotechnical properties of Quaternary sediments in the English South Midlands. Funding: EPSRC Industrial Case Studentship. Began October 2014. Prof Philip Gibbard
Nida Rehman Urban Vectors: The Politics and Practices of Public Health in Lahore. Funding: Rethinking Urban Nature ERC grant. Began October 2015. Prof Matthew Gandy
Timothy Reilly (Thesis title will be available in due course.) Dr Gareth Rees
Mathilda Rosengren Wastelands of difference? Urban nature and more-than-human difference in Berlin and Gothenburg. Funding: ECR grant. Began October 2015. Prof Matthew Gandy
Morgan Seag Equal Opportunities on Ice: Gendered institutional change in 20th century Antarctic science. Funding: GATES. Began October 2016. Dr Michael Bravo
Adam Searle Celia's ghost: Liminality and authenticity in de/extinction. Funding: VC Award and King's College. Began October 2017. Prof Bill Adams
Rachel Seary Mangroves, fisheries and community livelihoods. Funding: Nippon Nereus Fellowship. Began October 2015. Prof Tom Spencer and Dr Mike Bithell
Saba Sharma The state and ethnic violence in Assam, India. Funding: GATES. Began October 2015. Prof Bhaskar Vira
Sipke Shaughnessy The politics of conservation, identities and livelihoods in Mukogodo Forest, Kenya. Funding: ESRC. Began October 2015. Dr Liz Watson
Hyesop Shin Assessing health vulnerability to air pollution in megacities using agent-based modelling. Funding: Self. Began October 2016. Dr Mike Bithell
Trishant Simlai The political ecology of conservation militarisation in India: Social and political implications of using surveillance technologies for conservation. Funding: Various. Began October 2017. Dr Chris Sandbrook
Oliver Taherzadeh Global hydrology and the resource nexus. Funding: Vice Chancellor's award. Began October 2016. Dr Mike Bithell and Prof Keith Richards
Makoto Takahashi The Improvised Expert: examining how expert authority is claimed and contested in conditions of low public trust, with empirical reference to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster. Funding: ESRC. Began April 2015. Dr Alex Jeffrey
Praveen Teleti Antarctic and Southern Ocean climate change reconstructed from historical records. Funding: Nehru Trust and Christ's College Bursary. Began October 2016. Dr Gareth Rees and Prof Julian Dowdeswell
Laura Trajber Waisbich Negotiating Accountability in South-South Cooperation for Development. Funding: CISS. Began October 2017. Dr Emma Mawdsley
Rebecca Vignols Understanding future changes in Northern Hemisphere snow. Funding: NERC - BAS award. Began October 2015. Dr Gareth Rees and Dr Gareth Marshall
Yifu Wang Identifying conservation solution in data-poor environments - the Yangtze finless porpoise as a conservation case study (an advertised project). Funding: Self funding. Began October 2015. Prof Nigel Leader-Williams
Sibylla Warrington Brown Intersectional economic inequalities under plurinational agendas: indigenous women's work and citizenship in post-neoliberal Bolivia. Funding: ESRC +3. Began October 2015. Prof Sarah Radcliffe
Karen Wong-Pérez Understanding the links between the Natural Environment and local perceptions of Poverty, Human Well-being and Environmental fairness in San Felipe, Yucatan, Mexico. Funding: CONACYT-Cambridge Trust. Began April 2015. Prof Bhaskar Vira
Maximilien Zahnd Athabascan Conceptions of Space and Place through a Socio-legal Lens. Funding: Self. Began October 2014. Dr Michael Bravo
Chengxiang (Tony) Zhuge Investigating the Potential Expansion and Impact of the Electric Vehicle Market with an Agent-based Integrated Framework: A Case Study of Beijing, China. Began October 2014. Dr Mike Bithell

Recently approved for the PhD

Name Phd title and details Supervisor(s)
Albert Arhin Translating Global Climate Change Policy: The Case of REDD+ in Ghana. Funding: Gates Scholarship. Dr Liz Watson
Masaō Ashtine Investing with foresight: Regional climate modelling for the wind energy sectors of the UK and Caribbean. Dr Michael Herzog
Eleanor Bailey Janus: Transforming the British Army from War Machine to Civic Force. Funding: Self (part-time). Prof Ash Amin
Libby Blanchard The Political Economy of Reducing Emissions. Funding: Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Prof Bhaskar Vira
Adam Bobbette Mediums, Controversy, Knowledge: Living on a Volcano. Funding: Cambs Trusts & SSHRC Doctoral Award. Prof Ash Amin
Edward-John Bottomley The spatial dispersion of poor whites in Johannesburg (1885-1939). Funding: Commonwealth Scholarship. Dr Philip Howell
Jennifer Brown Scaling up: using remote-sensing methods to estimate regional penguin population trajectories in a changing environment. Funding: NERC - BAS. Dr Gareth Rees
Josephine Chambers Investigating the impacts of market-based agricultural interventions for biodiversity conservation. Funding: Marshall Scholarship. Dr Chris Sandbrook
Wei-Yun Chung The public sector gender landscape in Taiwan: An exploration of gender relations in the Taiwanese public sector workplace. Funding: Taiwan, Ministry of Education. Dr Mia Gray
Leif Denby (Thesis title will be available in due course.) Dr Michael Herzog
Rosalind Franklin Charity and the City: design, lure and play of gifting spaces. Funding: King's Studentship; Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture (Québec). Prof Ash Amin
Kinne Gueye Assessing the impacts of reducing emissions from deforestation ad forest degradation (REDD+) on carbon stocks at a local scale in Mexico. Funding: Mexico Government Sch. Dr Mike Bithell
Anika Nasra Haque Climate change adaptation to flooding in the low income urban settlements of the Least Developed Countries: A case of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Funding: Schlumberger Foundation. Dr Mike Bithell and Prof Keith Richards
Krista Kemppinen (Thesis title will be available in due course.) Dr Andrew Friend
Tania Kossberg Mental Health and Suicide in Siberia. Funding: ESRC - EU fees only and DRS. Dr Piers Vitebsky
Conrad Koziol The impact of surface melt on ice acceleration of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Dr Neil Arnold
Andy Wang-Chun Lai Investigating the causes and effects of the 'new' Central Parcific El Nino. Dr Michael Herzog
James Lester Emerging disease transmission in Western Uganda. Funding: ESRC-NIH - Vet School. Dr Simon Frost and Prof Nigel Leader-Williams
Laura Loyola Hernandez Between catrinas and mestizas: gendered-ethnic performances of female politicians in Yucatecan Maya municipalities. Funding: Conacyt (Mexican Gov). Prof Sarah Radcliffe
David McLaughlin Mobile Holmes: Travel Writing, Mobility and Imagination in the Sherlock Holmes Stories. Funding: AHRC. Dr Philip Howell
Evan Miles Regional coupled glacier and hydrologic modeling in the Himalaya: Lake formation and outburst hazards. Funding: Gates Scholarship. Dr Ian Willis
Jasper Montana Expertise at the Interface: Insights from emerging international governance arrangements for biodiversity and ecosystem services. Funding: ESRC. Prof Bill Adams
Della Murton Late Pleistocene palaeoenvironmental change in the Vale of York and Humber gap. Funding: Self-funded. Prof Philip Gibbard
Tobias Nyumba Flagships or Battleships? Understanding "Hidden" Aspects of Human Elephant Interactions and their Impacts on Human Wellbeing in Trans Mara District, Kenya. Funding: Churchill/Sidney Sussex Southern African Cambridge Scholarship. Prof Nigel Leader-Williams and Prof Bill Adams
Thomas Pryke Nature Conservation: Living with Environmental Change on the Suffolk Coast, United Kingdom. Funding: ESRC/NERC. Prof Bill Adams and Prof Tom Spencer
Tim Tito Rademacher Dynamics and patterns of vegetation and soil carbon turnover times at regional to global scales. Funding: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Self-funded. Dr Andrew Friend
Ciaran Robb Using airborne and spaceborne remote sensing to investigate glacier geomorphic processes. Funding: CHESS. Dr Ian Willis and Dr Neil Arnold
Thérèse Rudebeck Power, Politics and Public-Private Partnerships in Global Water Governance. Funding: ESRC. Prof Susan Owens and Prof Keith Richards
Anca Serban Decoding the goverance of nature in the world's largest protected area network. Dr Chris Sandbrook and Dr Mike Bithell
Roman Sidortsov Wrestling with polar bears: power relations in risk governance of oil and gas in Russia. Funding: Cambridge Overseas Trust, Self-funded. Dr Piers Vitebsky
Shashi Singh Political Economy of Land Acquisition and Resource Development in India: Case of Singrauli Region. Funding: British Council. Prof Bhaskar Vira
Craig Stewart Ocean processes and basal melting of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica. Funding: CCT and Rutherford Foundation (New Zealand). Prof Julian Dowdeswell and Dr Poul Christoffersen
Yu Su Study on the system innovation of the ecological compensation of Basin Water resources. Funding: CSC Cam. Intern. Scholarship. Prof Keith Richards
James Tempest (Thesis title will be available in due course.)
Joe Todd Investigating flow sensitivity of Greenland outlet glaciers. Funding: NERC. Dr Poul Christoffersen
Claire Warrior (Thesis title will be available in due course.) Dr Michael Bravo
Natasha Watts Investing for Impact: finance and farming in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. Funding: ESRC. Dr Ivan Scales
Lana Whittaker Food Sovereignty in India.
Andrew Williamson Remote sensing of the supraglacial hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Funding: NERC. Dr Neil Arnold and Dr Ian Willis and Dr Alison Banwell
Matthew Wise Processes and patterns of glacier-influenced sedimentation on Arctic and Antarctic continental margins. Funding: NERC. Prof Julian Dowdeswell
Tun Jan Young Investigating sea ice fluxes through Arctic gateways. Dr Poul Christoffersen
Sang-Ju Yu Spatial transformation, dynamics of power and policy network in Chinese urban governance: a comparison of waterfront regeneration in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Kaohsiung. Funding: Cambridge Overseas Trust. Prof Ash Amin
Dagmar Zadrazilova Tempelhof Airport: Memory, Heritage and Cultural Politics in 20ᵗʰ Century Berlin. Funding: ESRC. Dr Philip Howell

Note: only those students who have given their consent to be listed online are listed above.