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Department of Geography


Francesca Moore MA MSc MPhil PhD

Senior Lecturer in Geography, Homerton College.

Historical-political geographer with research interests in population politics, the regulation of reproduction and public health.



  • 2014- present Lecturer and Director of Studies in Geography, Homerton College
  • 2008-2009 ESRC Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.


Francesca is an historical-political Geographer with research interests in gender, power and reproductive politics. She has researched the changing place of women in British society over the last 150 years with a particular focus on the regulation of fertility control and women’s political action for the vote. Francesca has also written on the theoretics of women’s ethical self-formation; or the self’s relationship with the self, and the individual and political goals that follow from this. Francesca’s current work investigates the legal geographies of access to reproductive healthcare with a particular focus on the use of anti-harassment buffer zones around healthcare clinics.

Research supervision

Francesca is interested in hearing from scholars who wish to conduct research on Masters, doctoral and post-doctoral research on geographies of law and justice, reproductive geographies, gender studies and gender cultures across time.


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  • Howell, P.M.R., Beckingham, D.J. and Moore, F.P.L., 2008 ‘Managed Zones for Sex Workers in Liverpool: Contemporary Policy, Victorian Parallels’, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 33 (2) 233-250.


Geographical Tripos

  • Part IA, Paper 1 – Human Geography: People, Place and the Politics of Difference
  • Part IB, Citizenship, Cities and Civil Society
  • Part II, Legal Geographies

External activities

  • Member of the Association of American Geographers