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Debolina Majumder, BA (Hons.), MA

Debolina Majumder, BA (Hons.), MA

PhD Candidate, Department of Geography and King's College



  • (2017 –) PhD Candidate, Geography, University of Cambridge
  • (2017) MA, Geography, University of British Columbia
  • (2014) BA (Hons.), History with International Relations, University of British Columbia


  • (2017 – 16) Teaching Assistant for Undergraduates, University of British Columbia. Courses: Globalisation, Cities & Regions, Urbanisation in the Global South, Research Strategies in Human Geography, Geography, Modernity and Globalisation II
  • (2014 – 15) Research Assistant, (Principal Investigator: Jim Glassman), Geopolitical Economies of Development and Democratization in East Asia Roundtable, University of British Columbia

Funding and awards

  • (2018) University Fieldwork Fund, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
  • (2017 – 20) Smuts Cambridge International Scholarship, Cambridge Trust, University of Cambridge
  • (2015 – 16) Graduate Student Travel Grant, Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia
  • (2015) Faculty of Arts Graduate Award, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia
  • (2014 – 15) Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Master's Scholarship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Government of Canada



Situated at the intersection of urban and working-class/labour geographies, my PhD research project grapples with the transitory but recurring urban landscapes within which circulatory construction workers continue to work and live and how Delhi's changing urban form reflects the conditions under which it was made. How has Delhi's urban landscape over the 20th century shaped and reproduced the transience and informality of circulatory construction labour (and work)? Through a mixed-methods approach, including archival research in India and the UK, non-participant observation, qualitative interviews, oral histories and visual sources, I study the role of changes and continuities in three types of ephemeral urban spaces: building sites, day-labour markets, and labour camps/colonies – in reproducing particular forms of labour segmentation, divisions of labour, and precarity in construction work and labour.

My general research interests include urban geography, geopolitical economy, working-class geography, labour history, geographies of development and infrastructural development, Marxist state theory, borders and migration.



  • (2018), 'On the Material Lives of Security: State-formation and Liberalisation in India and Kashmir.' CSAS South Asia Workshop. Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge.
  • (2018), 'Fieldwork from the 'outside': challenges of triangulation, location, and precarity'. Fieldwork Seminar: Methodologies in the Field. Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.
  • (2016), 'Capitalism and state terror: The dynamics of primitive accumulation in Indian-Administered Kashmir'. Graduate Student Symposium, Department of Geography, UBC.
  • (2016), 'Labour under militarization: state, space, and society in Indian-administered Kashmir'. Geographies of State Terror I Paper Session. American Association of Geographers, San Francisco, CA.
  • (2015), Discussant. Geopolitical Economies of Development and Democratisation in East Asia Roundtable. Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, UBC.

External activities

  • (2018 –) Member, Urbanism in the Global South Working Group
  • (2018 –) Member, Infrastructural Geographies
  • (2017 –) Member, Political Ecology
  • (2017) Adjudicator, Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference, UBC