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Ms Elizabeth Isaac

PhD Student

Thesis title: Subsistence crises and the spread of plague across Eurasia and The Mediterranean Littoral between 1850-1960



  • BSc in Geography from UCL (2016-2019) Dissertation: ‘Climate change impacts on the global spatial distributions of disease vectors and mosquito-borne virus risk’. Supervisors: Prof. Simon L Lewis & Dr C Brierley.
  • MSc in Climate Change from UCL (2019-2020) Dissertation: ‘Native and invasive potential mosquito-borne disease vectors of the Galápagos Islands spatial distribution patterns in response to climate change’ Supervisor: Prof Mark Maslin. Project in collaboration with Dr Liam Fitzpatrick and Professor Andrew Cunningham.


  • Otto-Bliesner, B., Brady, E., Zhao, A., Brierley, C., Axford, Y., Capron, E., Govin, A., Hoffman, J., Isaacs, E., and Kageyama, M.: Large-scale features of Last Interglacial climate: Results from evaluating the lig127k simulations for CMIP6-PMIP4, Climate of the Past, 17, 63-94, 2021.
  • Adhikari, M.; Isaac, E.; Maslin, M.A. Future climate change impacts on Arabica and Robusta coffee cultivation. In ECRC Research Report; Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London: London,UK, 2020.
  • Adhikari, M.; Isaac, E.L.; Paterson, R.R.M.; Maslin, M.A. A review of potential impacts of climate change on coffee cultivation and mycotoxigenic fungi. Microorganisms 2020, 8, 1625.
  • Büntgen, U., Peter, M., Tegel, W., Stobbe, U., Elburg, R., Sproll, L., Molinier, V., Čejka, T., Isaac, E.L. and Egli, S., 2021. Eco-archaeological excavation techniques reveal snapshots of subterranean truffle growth. Fungal Biology.
  • Cejka, T., Isaac, E., Oliach, D., Martinez-Pena, F., Egli, S., Thomas, P., Trnka, M. and Büntgen, U., 2022. Risk and reward of the global truffle sector under predicted climate change. Environmental Research Letters.

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  • Teaching assisting for the Holocene Climates MPhil programme.
  • Undergraduate Geography Supervisor for the modules Life on Earth; Living with Global Change; Biogeography; Geography’s Shapes: Past, Patterns, Prospects and Geographies of Health
  • Field Demonstrator
  • Practical Demonstrator for Quantitative Methods parts 1A & 1B
  • Supervisor for incoming Geography Students on the Bridging Course at Corpus Cristi College.
  • Supervisor for the Cambridge Higher Aspirations Scheme