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A T (Dick) Grove, MA

Emeritus Fellow of Downing College

Physical and human geography of Africa, climatic change and desertification. Landscape and environmental change in Mediterranean Europe. Holocene environmental change.



  • 1949-1982: Demonstrator, Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge
  • 1980-1986: Director, Centre for African Studies
  • 1963-1991: Fellow, Downing College


Environment and Society – Environmental Issues and Policy: Policy and landscape change in southern Europe.

Earth and Environmental Systems: Processes and Change – Environmental Change: Climate change and desertification.


Selected publications:

  • A.T. Grove (2015) “The significance of St Helena” in The East India Company and the Natural World edited by Vinita Damadaran, Anna Winterbottom and Alan Lester, Palgrave Macmillan, pages 249-269.
  • Andrew S. Cohen, Bert Van Bocxlaer, Jonathan A. Todd, Michael McGlue, Ellinor Michel, Hudson H. Nkotagu, A.T. Grove, Damien Delvaux, “Quaternary ostracodes and molluscs from the Rukwa Basin (Tanzania) and their evolutionary and paleobiogeographic implications”, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 392 (2013) 79–97.
  • A.T. Grove and E. Lopez-Gunn (2010) Uncertainty in Climate Change, Real Instituto Elcano working paper, Madrid, Spain.
  • “The Revolution in Palaeoclimatology Around 1970”, in The History of the Study of Landforms, Volume 4, Quaternary and Recent Processes and Forms (1890-1965) and the Mid-Century Revolutions, edited by T.P. Burt, R.J. Chorley, D. Brunsden, N.J. Cox. and A.S. Goudie, Geological Society of London, 2008, 961-1004.
  • A.T. Grove (2008) A brief consideration of climate forcing factors in view of the Holocene glacier record, Global and Planetary Change 60: 141-7.
  • Edited Jean Grove (2004) Little Ice Ages Ancient and Modern, 2 vols, London, Routledge.
  • Grove, A.T. (2001), ‘The “Little Ice Age” and its geomorphological consequences in Mediterranean Europe’, Climate Change 48: 121-136
  • Grove, A.T. and Rackham, O. (2001), ‘The Nature of Mediterranean Europe‘, Yale University Press.
  • Nichol, J. E. and Grove, A. T. (2001) ‘Thermal satellite images and boundary layer structures in desert marginal areas‘, Geophysical Research Letters 28: 2943-6.
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