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Dr Anna Gielas

Dr Anna Gielas

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual European Fellow

I investigate how the Arctic has been conceptualized in scientific periodicals, with a particular attention to the influence of editorial contexts (e.g., editorial interests and guidelines) on the Arctic as an object of science.



I hold a PhD in the History of Science from the University of St Andrews and a Master's in Political Science as well as a Master's in (Anglo-American) Literary Studies from the RWTH Aachen.


  • 2017: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Berlin State Library)
  • 2017: Curran Fellowship
  • 2016: Theodora Bosanquet Bursary (British Federation Of Women Graduates)
  • 2016: German Historical Institute in London
  • 2015: Oxford DNB Research Bursary
  • 2015-2018: Joint PhD Grant (Royal Institution of Great Britain and University of St Andrews)


I study the presence of the Arctic in past and present science periodicals, published by different editorial actors including science academies. More concretely, I analyze how editorial circumstances have shaped the Arctic as a scientific object.

One strand of my research is historical analysis: I trace journal contents on the Arctic published during the long nineteenth century (1789-1914) and investigate their editorial contexts. My historical analysis focuses on a number of European and non-European countries.

The other strand of my research revolves around the present day. I draw conclusions from my historical analysis and apply my findings to today's science communication: working with editors of journals dedicated to polar science, I seek to make the infrastructure that carries current scientific communication on the Arctic more robust.

Further interests and affiliation

Due to my background in Political Science, I am also interested in the Arctic as a research object of Maritime Security and Human Rights Studies, and am currently an Associate at the University's Centre of Governance & Human Rights.


Please see my ORCID profile.