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Samuel Cook MA (Cantab.) MPhil

Samuel Cook MA (Cantab.) MPhil

PhD Candidate, Polar Studies

My PhD project aims to develop a fully-coupled model of a tidewater glacier system, using the open-source, 3D, Full-Stokes glacial flow model, Elmer/Ice linked to a fjord circulation model (to be determined).



  • 2013-2015. Graduate Business Analyst, EDF Energy.


  • 2016- PhD in Polar Studies. Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge (Selwyn College), UK. Funded by the Natural Environment Research Council
  • 2015-2016. MPhil (Distinction) in Polar Studies. Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge (Selwyn College), UK. Thesis: Blink and You'll Miss It: An Investigation Into Glacier Surging on Flade Isblink. Partly funded by the Newton Trust.
  • 2010-2013. MA (Cantab.) (1st class) in Geography. University of Cambridge (Selwyn College), UK. Thesis on proglacial hydrology of Storglaciaren, Sweden.

Awards and grants

  • PhD Studentship (2016), Cambridge Earth System Science Doctoral Training Partnership, National Environmental Research Council, ~£86,000.
  • Newton College Master's Studentship (2015), Cambridge Trust, ~£12,000.
  • Lyttelton Scholarship (2011-2013), Selwyn College, £50.


My research focusses on modelling tidewater glaciers using the 3D, Full-Stokes Elmer/Ice suite of software. The initial step is to implement a subglacial hydrology model within Elmer/Ice, before using this to drive a plume model at the calving front to better model glacier flow and melt. Once this is achieved, the ultimate objective is to couple the flow model with a fjord circulation model, possibly MITgcm, in order to fully simulate the entire tidewater glacier system. The model will be initially applied to Store Glacier, a tidewater outlet glacier in Western Greenland.


Conference contributions

  • Cook, S.J., Christoffersen, P., Todd, J. and Palmer, S.J. (2017). Cold basal conditions during surges control flow of fringing Arctic ice caps in Greenland. Geophysical Research Abstracts (European Geosciences Union General Assembly), 19, abstract no. EGU2017-816.


  • IA Cryosphere supervisor (2017- )
  • IB Glacial Processes supervisor (2017- )

External activities

  • Young Member then Postgraduate Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (2008-)
  • Various outreach activities at the Scott Polar Research Institute, including Twilight and Festival of Science (2015-)
  • Personal website at