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Department of Geography



Richard John Chorley: Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: 4th September 1927


1946-48 Lieutenant, Royal Engineers
1951 BA (Hons) Oxford University
1951-52 Fulbright and Smith-Mundt Scholarships to Department of Geology, Columbia University, New York
1952-54 Instructor in Geography, Columbia University, New York
1954 MA Oxford University
1954-57 Instructor in Geology, Brown University, Providence, USA
1958 Demonstrator in Geography, Cambridge University
1962 Lecturer in Geography, Cambridge University
1963-78 Co-Director, Madingley Geography Conferences
1964 Appointed British representative to the Commission on Quantitative Techniques of the International Geographical Union. Nominated Chairman 1968
1967 Awarded the Gill Memorial of the Royal Geographical Society for contributions to Physical Geography and quantitative studies.
1968 Appointed Chairman of the Committee on the Role of Models and Quantitative techniques in Geographical Teaching of the Geographical Association
1970-1975 Appointed Secretary of the Faculty Board of Geography and Geology, Cambridge University
1970 Appointed Reader in Geography, Cambridge University
1972 Appointed Deputy Head of the Department of Geography, Cambridge University, for the Lent and Michaelmas terms.
1973 Appointed member of the Board of Graduate Studies
1974 Appointed to an ad hominem Chair in Geography, Cambridge University
1974 Sc.D., Cambridge University
1974 Elected first honorary life member of the British Geomorphological Research Group.
1981 Honors Award, Association of American Geographers
1984-89 Appointed Head of the Department of Geography, Cambridge University
1984-89 and 1990 – Elected Chairman, Development Studies Committee
1987 Awarded the Patron’s Medal of the Royal Geographical Society
1988 Elected an Honorary Member of the Italian Geographical Society
1988 Elected to the Council of the Royal Geographical Society
1990 Elected Vice-Master, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University

List of publications: R.J. Chorley

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