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Mike Bithell MA PhD

Mike Bithell MA PhD

Assistant Director of Research in Computing

Interests lie in numerical modelling of spatially distributed systems, including fluid flow, atmospheric physics, climate and its interaction with ecosystems, changes in land use and socio-economic processes.



  • 1999-2002 Research Staff, School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford.
  • 1992-1999 Senior Research Fellow, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


  • MA, Physics, University of Cambridge
  • PhD. Astrophysics, University of Cambridge


Current interests include:

  • Land-use change.
  • Simulation of discrete particle flows and their interactions with fluids.
  • Multi-agent simulation models of population dynamics and the emergence of structure in complex systems
  • Generation of robust models for socio-economic systems and their relation to environmental change


Recent publications

  • Bithell, M., Richards, K.S., and Bithell, E.G., (2014), "Simulation of scree slope dynamics: investigating the distribution of debris avalanche evets in an idealised two dimensional model" Earth Surface Processes and Landforms doi:10.1002/esp.3548
  • Evans, M.R., Bithell, M., Cornell,S.J, Dall, S.R.X, Diaz, S., Emmott, S., Ernande, B., Grimm, V., Hodgson, D.J., Lewis, S.L., Mace, G.M, Morecroft, M., Moustakas, A., Murphy, E., Newbold, T., Norris, K.J., Petchey, O., Smith, M., Travis, J.M.J., and Benton, T.G. (2013), "Predictive Systems Ecology", Proc.Roy.Soc.B 280(1771) 20131452; doi:10.1098/rspb.2013.1452 , 1471-2954
  • Parry, H., and Bithell, M., (2011), "Large scale agent-based modelling: a review and guidelines for model scaling." in Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems, Heppenstall, A.J.; Crooks, A.T.; See, L.M.; Batty, M. (Eds.), Springer, 759 p. ISBN 978-90-481-8926-7
  • Bithell, M., and Brasington, J., (2009), "Coupling agent-based models of subsistence farming with individual-based forest models and dynamic models of water distribution", Environmental Modelling and Software, 24, 173-190. doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2008.06.016
  • Bithell, M., Brasington, J., and Richards, K.S., (2008), "Discrete-element, individual-based and agent-based models: tools for interdisciplinary enquiry in geography?", Geoforum, 39,625-642. doi:10.1016/j.geoforum.2006.10.014
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