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Dr Jai Chowdhry Beeman

Dr Jai Chowdhry Beeman

Research Associate

Paleoclimatology and Glaciology



  • PhD. Université Grenoble Alpes/Institut des Géosciences de l'Environnement 10/2016-10/2019.
    Directors: Dr. Frédéric Parrenin (IGE), Dr. Amaëlle Landais (LSCE), Dr. Emmanuel Witrant (GIPSA-Lab)
    PhD subject: The role of greenhouse gases in past climatic variations: an approach based on accurate chronologies of deep polar ice cores.
  • M2R (Master's Degree) in Earth and Environmental Science. Université Grenoble Alpes/Université Joseph Fourier. 09/2015-07/2016
    Director: Dr. Jean-Emmanuel Sicart. Internship subject: Surface energy balance of a monsoon-regime glacier: Glaciar Zongo, Bolivia
  • Harvard College. AB Earth and Planetary Sciences. 08/2009-05/2013

Previous work experience

  • Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement. Postdoctoral Researcher 10/2020-01/2021.
    Research project: Improving the chronology of the EPICA Dome C Ice Core during Marine Isotopic Stage 11. Supervisors: Dr. Amaëlle Landais, Dr. Sébastien Nomade, Dr. Frédéric Parrenin (IGE).
  • Department of Geology, Northern Arizona University. Research Assistant. 10/2014-07/2015
    Projects: Glacier change in the Ahklun Mountains, Alaska from satellite and aerial imagery; Biogenic silica and grain size analysis of Hidden Lake, Alaska sediment core. Director: Dr. Darrell Kaufman.
  • Glaciology Group, IRD-IHH, La Paz, Bolivia. Research Intern. 09/2013-08/2014
    Projects: Albedo and energy balance of the wet-dry season transition on Zongo Glacier; Mass balance gradients on Zongo and Charquini Sur Glaciers. Director: Dr. Jean-Emmanuel Sicart.


I work with Dr. Francesco Muschitiello on the development of automated, bayesian methods for the synchronization of paleoclimate records.


Peer-reviewed publications

  • Chowdhry Beeman, J., Landais, A., Nomade, S., Parrenin, F., Extier, T., Shin, J. and Raynaud, D. Improving the chronology of MIS 11 in the EPICA Dome C Ice Core. In preparation for Climate of the Past.
  • Shin, J., Ahn, J., Lee, H.-G., Chowdhry Beeman, J., and Brook, E.J. Millennial variations of atmospheric CO2 during the early Holocene (11.7–7.4 ka) Submitted to Climate of the Past.
  • Chowdhry Beeman, J., Parrenin, F., Witrant, E., Landais, A., Fain, X., Tournadre, B. and Mulvaney, R. Automated and probabilistic synchronization of paleoclimate records in IceChrono 2.0 . in preparation for Geoscientific Model Development.
  • Wille, J., Favier, V., Gorodetskaya, I.V., Agosta, C., Kittel, C., Chowdhry Beeman, J., Jourdain, N.C., Lenaerts, J.T.M and Codron, F. Antarctic atmospheric river climatology and precipitation impacts. Submitted to JGR-Atmospheres.
  • Shin, J., Nehrbass-Ahles, C., Grilli, R., Chowdhry Beeman, J., Parrenin, F., Teste, G., Landais, A., Schmidely, L., Schmitt, J., Stocker, T. F., Fischer, H. and Chappellaz, J. (2020) Millennial-scale atmospheric CO2 variations during the Marine Isotope Stage 6 period (190-135 kyr BP). Climate of the Past 16(6), 2203-2219.
  • Chowdhry Beeman, J., Gest, L., Parrenin, F., Raynaud, D., Fudge, T. J., Buizert, C., & Brook, E. J. (2019). Antarctic temperature and CO2 : near-synchrony yet variable phasing during the last deglaciation. Climate of the Past, 15(3), 913-926.
  • Walsh, P., Kaufman, D., McDaniel, T., & Chowdhry Beeman, J. (2015). Historical retreat of alpine glaciers in the Ahklun Mountains, western Alaska. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, 6(1), 255-263.

Outreach publications

  • Raynaud, D., Chowdhry Beeman, J., Chappelaz, J., Parrenin, F. and Shin, J., Antarctic air bubbles and the long-term ice core record of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, in Past Antarctica: Paleoclimatology and Climate Change, Elsevier, 2020.
  • Chowdhry Beeman, J., Parrenin, F., Lipenkov, V. Raynaud, D., Landais, A., and Witrant, E. "The state of the art in ice core chronology" in Lipenkov, V., ed. History of Climate and Glaciation of Antarctica (submitted to editor).
  • Chowdhry Beeman, J., and Ruiz Hernández, J.C.. Understanding Global Climate Change from Andean Glaciers. ReVista, Harvard Review of Latin America (Cambridge) 18, no. 3 (2018): 42-82.
  • Chowdhry Beeman, J. Water: The Last Word. ReVista, Harvard Review of Latin America (Cambridge), Winter 2013.

External activities

Passionate mountaineer, climber and trail runner.