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Eleanor Bailey BA (Hons) MPhil

Eleanor Bailey BA (Hons) MPhil

PhD Candidate

Researching issues surrounding civic theories, military organisations and governmentality through research within the British Army.



  • Oct 15 - Present: PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
  • Jun 2013 - Oct 2015: Army Headquarters, Staff Officer, Organisation Branch, Plans Directorate
  • Jan 2007 - Present: British Army Officer


  • PhD Candidate, Clare College, University of Cambridge
  • MPhil, Environment, Society and Development, Clare College, Cambridge
  • BA (Hons), Geography, University of Durham


Janus: Transforming the British Army from War Machine to Civic Force

My work centres on British Army attempts to change political and public conceptulisations about itself. What these changes are, what calculations and thinking inspired the change, and how the changes are being communicated are central questions. The Army remains a war fighting machine, and yet it is attempting to project an image of itself as a civil force. This situation has created a tension between what is advertised publically and what is happening within the closed spaces of the Army; between the sales pitch and the reality. Civilian life is said to have been militarised by military concepts and security, and this aspect has been explored in various literatures, moreover the impacts of corporatisation upon the military has also been subject to much study; especially focusing on private military contractors. What is less explored is the flow of civil based rationalities into spaces traditionally occupied by military actors and behaviours. Corporate rationalities have been absorbed by the Army and are being woven into more traditional military rationalities. As the Army struggles with these mutant zones of inclusion and exclusion, spaces of trust and distrust, languages of transparency and opaqueness are becoming more prevalent. Who is in versus who is out, who can know versus who can't know, and what the Army does versus what it says it does result in a type of schizophrenic mentalities.

External activities

  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management
  • Member of the Institute of Risk
  • Member of Women in International Security (WIS)