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Eleanor Bailey BA (Hons) MPhil

Eleanor Bailey BA (Hons) MPhil

PhD Candidate

The Weaponisation of Risk: Army 2020, Governmentality, and Power

Researching issues surrounding risk society, violence, military organisations and power through qualitative research within the British Army.



  • Oct 15 - Present: PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
  • Jun 2013 - Oct 2015: Army Headquarters, Staff Officer, Organisation Branch, Plans Directorate
  • Jan 2007 - Present: British Army Officer


  • PhD Candidate, Clare College, University of Cambridge
  • MPhil, Environment, Society and Development, Clare College, Cambridge
  • BA (Hons), Geography, University of Durham


My work looks at changing subjectivities of risk through how risk is 'staged' and framed in the British Army as part of a new futurity. As the institution with the authority to use violence on behalf of the state it is considered expert when pronouncing on risks involving war, violence, threat, and military action. However, my works aims to show that the relationship of risk in contemporary society is imbedded with politics and power. Focusing the Army 2020, a restructuring programme necessitated and dictated by money, yet packaged as being in response to threat and risk, and using the theories of Ulrich Beck, Anthony Giddens, and Michel Foucault my research investigates who decides risks in the Army, who identifies, and which risks are pronounced by the organisation in order to determine what futurity the Army is attempting to colonise. Crucially I aim to demonstrate how the Army is an example of a institution, in response to the risk society and as part of an apparatus of governmentality is not just colonising the future, but also mobilising it for the benefits of now; how concepts of risk are exploited as a political tool.

External activities

  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management
  • Member of the Institute of Risk
  • Member of Women in International Security (WIS)
  • Cambridge University Officer Training Corps instructor